Saturday, October 28, 2017

Our Day Six Route

Where Are We Today
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Our Route Day Six
Getting up just after 6 a.m. (M/T) this morning, we weren't in a rush to get going as we only had a short distance to travel. After reading blogs, eating breakfast and getting cleaned up we started to close up the suite to get on the road. We enjoyed our stay in this state park but by 9:20 a.m. we were back on Hwy I 70 "On Our Way" to Moab Utah. This section of I 70 to Hwy 191 I am going to rate at a 9 out of 10, the same rating for Hwy 191 to Moab, I am rating at 9 out of 10.

Rest area stop

Colorado River

Scenery along the way

Scenery #2

Scenery #3

Our spot for tonight

Just after 10 a.m. we crossed into Utah and within 3/4 of an hour we stopped at a REST AREA to stretch our legs. About 5 minutes after getting back on the road we were exiting onto Hwy 191 south bound for Moab looking for BLM Lands or the Seven Mile Parking area. Both are poorly marked and we missed them. Drove into Moab where we turned around, checked our map and headed back the direction we came. We found the Seven Mile parking area and that's where we are set up for the night. Nice spot for $15.00 per night.
This was a short driving day as we were set up by 1:00 p.m. (M/T), tomorrow will be a sightseeing day so no route post. To see what we were up to, check out Pat's blog.
Thanks for following along, until the next time, take care and stay safe. Your comments are welcome. 



  1. You and Patsy are where Tom and I had hoped to be in October. Oh well, next year and we will have both of your input to add to our research. Have fun.

    1. Those little hick-ups in plans are when we say "the jello has jiggled", and yes next year you will do it. Hoping all goes well with Tom and we meet up somewhere down the road.

  2. Enjoy your time there so much to see and do, we loved the area. And the Arches amazing !

  3. Thanks George, we will be out and about today to take it all in.

  4. You are definitely giving us ideas of places we want to see. Maybe next year.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.