Monday, February 25, 2019

RC Air Show

Where Are We Today 

Yuma Aeromodelers RC Air Show

Saturday Feb 23rd,2019, we attended this air show along with Rob, Pat and Ken. It was a perfect day for RC flying, clear blue skies with a slight breeze.
Sign at the Highway 95 and Rifle Range Rd.

Aerial view of the field looking northwest. Notice the flying stations on both sides of the field, morning and afternoon flying.

  Different from events back home, as this was an air show, not a fun fly or competition that I am use to attending. Starting at 10 a.m. thru to about 1:30 p.m., the club put on an excellent flying and static display of various aircraft. From Styrofoam, ARF and built kits of planes, drones and helicopters.

Jets flying at speeds of 200 mph.

The club field is located north of Yuma, just off Highway 95, out in the desert. With a paved runway and flying from either side of the field, depending on the time of day so you are not flying into the sun. You can learn more about the club HERE.


Drone taking pic/video of the event

Foam ARF kit, electric power

Most of these are scale models of the real one, up to 50% scale.

3D flying, ( like a dance is the best I can explain what ti is )

They started the day with the Civil Air Patrol Cadets color party and the playing of both the American and Canadian National Anthems. The local High School was there selling food and drinks to raise funds for school trips. The 47 registered pilots put on a great flying and static displays with only one mishap. After the flying demonstrations, the aircraft were lined up on the runway for you to go out and see, take pictures of and talk to the pilots. After that was open flying for those who wanted to.
War Birds This is a F4U Corsair

A T33 Lightning

I should mention that this event is held the third weekend of Feb, with a night flying event on Friday night, which Rob and I did attend, the Saturday air show and a swap meet and open flying on the Sunday. There is a $5.00 fee by the car load to watch the Air Show on Saturday, which the club will put towards repaving the runway.

Para Sailer

Civilian aircraft, Stinson Reliant SR9

All in all a great event, while worth attending. Looking forward to next year.

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Where Are We Today
Sundance RV Resort
Yuma Az.
In my last post, I wrote of a model that I had started to occupy my idle hands, it is now finished. The model is of a 1991 Ford F350 pick-up truck.

This is what it is suppose to look like.

I changed the look of the model to look like our 2015 Ford F 350 pick-up truck, which you know we affectionately call "Black Beauty".
The following pictures show the progress of the build.

The chassis with engine and wheels mounted 

Painted body parts

Interior like ours

Under the hood

Left side view

Rear view

Front view

Just like with my RC planes, I like to build and consider myself a good builder. It is the small detail stuff that I wish I was better at. However, building this did occupy my time when I needed something to do besides reading or watching TV. I may have to do one next winter. This model will find its place in the "Hangar" when I finish it when we get home this spring.

The Hangar

As mentioned in my last post, there is another model purchase that has been made. I will pick it up on our way home around the end of March, stay tune for that one.
Until the next time, take care and travel safe. Thanks for stopping by and feel free to leave a comment, if you wish.