Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Brothers - IN - Law

Where Are We Today
" The Ridge " Durham, Ontario

Each year around this time Pat and her sisters get together for a sisters weekend. This year they decided to get together from Monday to Wednesday. Their mom, who just turned 90, is facing surgery on Thursday to remove a large tumor. They will be all here to be with her as she goes thru this.

Pat and two of her sisters,there are three more
When they are together, the brothers - in - law get together for some of that time. We will spend our time here at " The Ridge " or over at " The Acreage " the other piece of property that Pat's sister Donna and her husband Gerry own near by.

 The first project I did this morning before the guys arrived was to put together a cargo carrier that I had bought at Princess Auto before we left London. It is to put on the back of the 5th wheel trailer to carry our bikes and whatever.  

All assembled

On the back of the 5th wheel
Today was the day I decided to erect the awning we bought before we left London  and the guys came over to help. That old saying, " many hands make light work " made the project an easy one to do and past the time with good company. I never thought to take pics during the process but here are a few after the fact.

Cargo trailer and truck under new awning

Pails with the legs in and filled with rocks for weight.

Another view

This evening we were at " The Acreage" to BBQ some burgers for supper and sit by the fire for  awhile. Clemson and I headed back to ' The Ridge " just after 9 p.m. to spend some quite time before calling it a night.
Not sure what tomorrow will bring, but there is always something to do. So thanks for following along, until the next time, take care.
Gerry, Tom and John, supper is over.

Tom, Gerry and John with Clemson.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

My Hobby

" The Ridge " Durham Ontario

Again it's been awhile since my last post, so will play a little catch up in this one. We have been enjoying our time here at " The Ridge " since we got here on June 25th. We have some projects on the go, one is the converting one of the sheds into a " bunkie " or little cabin for guests to use, but more on that in another post and will provide pictures. We keep the grass cut, Pat has her garden, ( not vegetable ) and I have my hobby. That's what this post is really about.

Last Friday, we hitched  up the 5th wheel hooked the cargo trailer to the back of the 5th wheel and off to the Chatham Airport we went. This is an annual event put on by the Chatham Aeronauts R/C Club called " Warbirds and Classics ". It is well attend by flyers from Ontario, Ohio, Illinois and Wisconsin. They have the use of the 5000 ft. runway or the grass on either side of it. We do have to give way to full size aircraft when they need to use it but that isn't that often. RVs and cargo trailers, get set up and fly. Most of the flyers here and their aircraft are way out of my league but I do enjoy coming here even if it's to meet up with these guys that I have known for a number of years, see what they are flying and basically have a great time. I also enjoy looking at their cargo trailers to see what they have and how they have set them up to carry their planes and equipment.

Our Rig

Welcome sign at Chatham Airport


B-17, one of my favorite aircraft

Ag Wagon

Just landed

Don, Chatham club member doing the announcing

All the way from Wisconsin

Jet, flys over 200 kmh

Motor home toy hauler

This one is mine

Under belly shot

Just landed

Sunday afternoon we packed up, said our goodbyes and headed to CanAm RV in London to have some service done on our 5th wheel. This was a scheduled stop as we knew we would be coming this way. We arrived around 1:30 pm and found a spot to set up until Monday morning when our 5th wheel would be taken care of. 

Parking lot getting crowded

Pat climbed the ladder to take this shot

Us set up

Tractor drivers getting trailers put away or in the shop for service

New friends from Florida and Ohio

There was a couple here from North Carolina picking up their new 30 ft. Airstream and shortly after two more Airstreams pulled in, one from Florida for service and one who was travelling along with him from Ohio. Before long there were half a dozen more being dropped off for storage as these owners do not have the space or city bylaws prevent them from keeping their rigs in their driveways. One couple were from Toronto and this was their first time out with their new 30 ft. Airstream.  Needless to say the lot was fairly full by Sunday night. However it didn't take long Monday morning to get all in order.
As I mentioned, we were there for service. We were having more batteries  and rear view camera installed and a couple of shelves reinforced.
For those who have followed along before, you may remember that I worked part time here showing people thru their trailer when they came to pick up. June 25th when we left the area, I left that job to. Low and behold, they had four trailers to deliver that day and asked me if I would do one for them. As it would be later in the afternoon, and we had some running around to do, I said yes. By the end of the day our trailer was done, it was 6 pm when I finished the walk thru so we decided to stay put for the night and head back to " The Ridge " in the morning, besides we had a couple of more things we wanted in London that we couldn't get to on Monday.
Tuesday we were up and off to do the last couple of errands, back and hooked up and ready to go by 11 am. Went in to say our goodbyes and was told if we wanted to hang around that I would be put to work, we quickly thanks but no thanks and got on our way.  We were home and set up by 3 pm.
I always like to rave about CanAm RV, not only because of the great service and the friends we have there, but also from the comments of the customers that we meet there. When I see that they come from all over Canada and the U.S. for trailers, hitch work and service, to me says a lot about the dealership. There are many great dealerships out there, I'm just biased to this one.
Well this has certainly turned into being long winded, as Pat would say, " you talk a lot ", so I will stop for now. Thanks for following along my ramblings, and  until the next time, take care.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Last Day of Work (Retirement)

" The Ridge " Durham, On.

Since my last post I have retired, or to be more accurate, I worked my last day as the shipper/receiver for the Thames Valley District School Board. Technically I am on vacation until July 31st then on August 1st. I am officially retired.
I had a great last day with many co-workers stopping by to wish me all the best in our new adventures. 

One last item to go on the truck that day

Deb my boss and friend. Thanks Deb.

 In the pic above and below is Mary Kay, who works at the Ed Centre. She looks after all the special needs equipment. Mary Kay is one of those special people with a heart of gold. As all who came to say goodbye, she is very appreciative of all the help I gave her here at the warehouse in dealing with the equipment she needed sent out to schools for students with disabilities. She walked out the door in tears, I know she will miss me and I her.

My step daughter Bridgette 

Joanne from cataloguing.

Rebecca and Sarah, summer students from the Records Department

Kevin, Taylor & Christian, summer students from the Cataloguing Dept.

Dave from Big Box movers.

Daughters from London Charlotte and Jess.

Jeff, a high school teacher.

Mark who retired end of April and Dave from the Ed. Centre, retiring the next day

Kim, Paulina, Dawn from Community Use and Michele and Nancy from Facility Services

Victor & Casey from maintenance

These are only a few of those that stopped by, thank you to  all for making my last day so enjoyable. Your comments and appreciation let me know that I did my job well and I made a difference. I can leave this chapter of my life and head in to the next with anticipation and excitement for what lays ahead.

Thank you for taking the time to follow my last day of work. Until the next time, take care.