Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Winter 2014/2015

When I started writing this blog, I indicated that we were still working and that is still the case. So, I thought I would show  where we work and tell what we do, as camping season for us is over until the spring.

The front of the building. These 3 doors are for shipping and receiving.

Side entrance and parking lot.
Both Pat and I work for the Thames Valley District School Board, in the Distribution Centre or warehouse as we like to call it. Pat has over 31 years and I have over 24 years of service. Pat is the office clerk and I am the shipper receiver. There are only 5 of us who work out of this department, besides us there are 2 truck drivers and our supervisor. The drivers are out every day delivering mail and supplies and/or equipment or furniture to some 180 schools and other sites within our board. They use 16 foot cube vans to do this with. Our board covers 7500 square kilometers and is divided into 7 mail runs, as we call them , to accomplish service to all of these sites. With that large area and number of sites, each receives a delivery once a week.

Pat at her desk.

Out in the Warehouse.
Pat's duties include the answering of queries by phone and e-mail, picking orders, doing distributions and occasionally help me, to put it in a nut shell.  Mine are the receiving of shipments and forwarding them to their destination within the board, the storing of items on the racking in the warehouse or second warehouse at this location, the dismantling of old and non repairable furniture and the recycling of that material, filling in for the truck drivers when they are sick or on vacation and occasionally helping Pat, to put mine in a nut shell.

At my desk.

I am right in the center of the Warehouse.

On the fork lift.

Looking from a different angle.

T.V is a video display of the doors from the outside, so I can see when trucks are there.

On the outside fork lift, heading to our back warehouse.

Quick look inside the back warehouse.
The above pic is the second or back warehouse at this location. It is used to store loan equipment such as tables, chairs, platforms and choir risers. There is also mechanical equipment being stored in here. Surplus furniture is brought here to be offered out to other schools or if it is beyond repair, I disassemble and recycle the parts. In a separate section of this building, the maintenance department uses for storing there equipment.
Our day starts at 7:30 am and ends at 4:00 pm during the months of September thru June. During the summer months of July and August we work 9 hour days, 7:00 am to 4:30 pm, Monday thru Thursday and then a half day on Friday, which makes for a nice weekend.

Loaded for the day

Our two 16 ft. cube vans

Our two cube vans inside the loading bay. At the end of their day the drivers unload all the mail and items that they have picked up. Items/packages are placed on the appropriate run for delivery. The mail is sorted and the trucks loaded for the next day.

We operate five days a week all year around. July and August are busy months with summer school and furniture moves.
That is a brief look at our work place. We are on a count down to retirement in 2016. Pat will be done at the end of March and I will be done by the end of August that year. Then on to fulltime RVing.
Thanks for stopping by, until the next time, take care.