Thursday, February 18, 2016

London RV Show


This past Family Day weekend was the London RV Show held at the Fairgrounds. Starting on Friday Feb. 12th and running thru until Monday Feb. 15th, 2016. As we are still working stiffs, we were not there on Friday, but we did put our time in for the rest of the weekend.
 As I have said before, we are not sales people for CanAm RV, but customers who volunteer our time to help out at these shows, and are referred to as CanAm Friends. We are under no obligation as to the number of hours that we help out, but you will find us there from beginning to end each day. We talk to people about our own camping experiences and our future plans on full time Rving. If we can, we will answer questions on trailers or find the sales people who can. We do enjoy our time doing this as we meet people who really want to know about full timing and also meet people who are doing it or have done it.
So if you have any thoughts on starting the camping adventure, visit CanAm RV and  ``Let the Adventure Begin``, Check out Can Am RV  HERE . 
The weekend of Feb. 25th to 28th we will be at the next show at the International Centre in Toronto, if you are in the area, stop in and say hi. 
The rest of this post will pictures of the London show.

One ailse


People starting to come

Ok who`s next

Ana making her pitch

Kate at the info desk

Crusader 5th wheel with outside kitchen

First thing in the morning

Pep talk by Kirk

Attentive listening

Jill, showing off for me.
Pat ready to greet

Monica hard at it

DRV the Bently of trailers, my opinion anyways

Yours truly, talking it up

R Pod, neat little trailer

A Pleasureway

Canadian made trailer

All set up

There is something for everyone, come check us out.
That`s for this post, thanks for stopping by. Until the next time, take care.

Thursday, February 4, 2016


London, Ontario

Like the title says, SOLD!!! YIPEE

The sign says it all

After 14 days, a dozen showings and a couple of counter offers, this little house has sold. It has been our home for the last 13 1/2 years. This property has been thru so many changes/renovations to make it our home that the previous owner wouldn't recognize it. Landscaping, siding, roof, doors and windows, driveway, interior painting and room changes have all taken place to make this our place.  There were some ups and downs, as with anything, but worth the effort for the results realized.
Until the fall of 2013, we had every intention of staying here for the rest of our days on earth or we were carried out of here to the old folks home. Then along came the RV bug and all that changed. We are now one step closer to that dream. As of April 20th, we will be full timing, although I will still have 3 months to work. The plan is to set up out at Golden Pond RV Park about a 20 minute drive outside of London until I finish my time at work, then move to our summer place just outside of Durham, Ontario.
So, this post I am keeping short. Thanks for all the well wishes and for following along. Stay tune for the next one and until then take care.