Sunday, September 20, 2020

Where has the Summer gone

Where Are We Today

Tonight, we are sitting in the parking lot of Can Am RV, we are here to get some much-needed repairs done to the trailer. Some of these were to be done last April, but we all know what happened – COVID. Since then, we have added some items to the list, so as many items that can be done this week, will be.

Where has the summer gone? I know you read, so you are up to date on our day to day lives. With us both working time has flown by. I have and still do enjoy working with Mike’s Home Improvements, even though my body tells me different some days. We finally got the house in Walkerton done and have moved onto one in Neustadt.  

Also, you know we have had to find alternate accommodations for this winter, not being able to go to Arizona this year has been a hard reality to accept. We will make the best of it, continue working and safe for a great time next year.

I have had a few inquiries about the Corsair, the fuselage is skinned, the wing has been mounted and centered and I am about to mount the tail.

Fuselage skinned

My 15 ft. Telemaster is ready for its maiden flight, if the winds and timing would co-operate. I am still hoping it might happen this fall yet, if not first thing in the spring.

Taxi Run of my 15 Ft. Telemaster
That’s it, short and sweet. Thanks for stopping in, until the next time, take care, stay healthy and wear a mask when you have to.