Thursday, January 22, 2015

Winter Blues/ RV Show

Winter 2014/2015  

Winter Blues

Here we are almost to the end of January, the first month of the year. Some people will have that winter blues feeling, not us! Since we have become RVers, we like to go to RV shows, this past weekend was no exception. If you have been following along, you will remember that we travelled to Toronto last fall with CanAm RV to help them out at the show.

 CanAm RV is where we have bought our last two  5th wheel trailers. As customers they allow us to be " Friends of CanAm"  and attend the RV shows with them to talk to others interested in the RV life style. They think we are helping them out, we are, but they are helping us. We enjoy talking to people about where and what we have done and also our plan to go fulltime when we retire next year, but we also get to hear from others, what they have done, are doing and what they would like to do.

Since we own a 5th wheel, Can Am lets us hang out in one of the 5th wheel trailers that they have at the show. I try to learn everything I can about that trailer so I can  answer questions and as much info to those that ask.

We were there for the Saturday and Sunday and had a great time, including the socializing after the show on Saturday. Below are some pics of the weekend.

Kirk giving us our pep talk before the show opens

Listening intently

Ray and Shirley another "Friends of CanAm" couple

More of the team

Ron and Marshall hard at it.

Andy and Heather talking with show attendee

Joe listening to attendee's question

John blending in with the crowd

Ana, Martin and Ken

Pat sitting in our new trailer

The 5th wheel trailer we were in is a 2015 Mobile Suite 36RSSB3 made by Doubletree. They are truly the "Bentley" of 5th wheel trailers. Also they are a true four season trailer. Meaning, if we had to return from the south this time of year, we could live in it.

It has been a dream  to own one of these when we retire to go fulltime in. As fate would have it, the time to do this was NOW.  So the deal was made late on the Saturday and finalized Tuesday night. We are now the ecstatic  proud owners of this brand new 5th wheel trailer. We will pick it up at the end of March to have for the start of an early camping season.

To top off the rest of the winter, we still have two more RV shows to go to. The London RV show the weekend of Feb. 13,14,15 & 16th at the Western Fair Grounds and back in Toronto , Feb. 27,28 and March 1st. So if you are attending either or both, stop by the CanAm display and meet the great CanAm team and stop by one of the 5th wheels and say hi, we'll be there.

If you would like to see more pics of our trailer, go to CanAm's link below and search the 5th wheel trailer new inventory for the 2015 Doubletree Mobile Suite 36RSSB3 and check it out.
Thanks for stopping by, until the next time, take care and stay warm.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

  Winter 2014/2015

Christmas and New Year's 2014

Our last day of work for 2014 was Tues. Dec. 23rd, a fairly quiet day, with only a couple of deliveries. Co-workers in other departments had taken vacation days so the number of people in the building was less than usual. Between stat holidays and vacation days we are off until Jan.5th,2015. 

Christmas with my parents and our kids

Since we had had our Christmas with the kids earlier in the month, Christmas morning was quiet for us. Pat, Clemson and I were up by 6 a.m., with coffees in hand and the yuletide log with Christmas music playing on the TV, we sat and opened our gifts to each other. Clemson to, gets in on the action, it is so hilarious to watch him try to open his gifts as we coach him on. With gifts open we settle into a relaxing morning, more coffee, breakfast at some point and checking out the blogs we follow and face book. 
Pat's new camera bag

Clemson digging in his stocking

Getting it out finally

a new toy

A new denim shirt

Clemson opening his gift

A new blanket, Pat made from all the scarfs he gets when he gets his hair cut.

Pat's new tripod.

The three of us.

Our Christmas day tradition for a few years has been to head to Stratford to  my sister Liz and her husband Bruce's place. Here we are joined by our sister Carol and her husband Brian and our parents for dinner.   We all contribute something to the meal and enjoy a great time together.
Table all set
Boxing day morning we spend at home, not ones to rush out into the crowds for the "big deals". In the afternoon we went back to Stratford to my Aunt Ruth's for a get together with whoever and as many that can make it of my cousins and their families. Another tradition that has been going on for a number of years. This is my mom's side of the family and Aunt Ruth is the only one left out of eight. There is a spread of food to take part in, conversation of new goings on and memories of the past to laugh and reflect on and a good time.

The youngest with his grandma

Some of the clan

The youngest with the oldest of the clan


A ffew more

Food spread for the taking

The time between boxing day and new year's eve is spent relaxing and doing whatever we feel like. With having a green Christmas this year, it has been great for travelling. We usually have a quiet new year's eve, go out for dinner, take in a movie and home before midnight to ring in the new year with Dick Clarke, then off to bed. This year, we are going up to Arkona to Rock Glen Family Resort (our home park) for a  dinner and dance evening and staying the night in one of the cabins.

Our Table

Pat line dancing

We got to hold this little guy while his mom danced with his 3 brothers

Nathaniel, 5 months old

Good time and music



New friends, Cindy and Larry

Midnight balloon drop

Happy New Year

Rock Glen , no snow

Our Cabin on the left

This has been a longer post then intended, but it wraps up 2014 and brings the start of a new year, 2015. May this year bring you many new and wonderful things, memories of things in the past and the return of old friends. Cherish those memories and friends and never give up on your dreams. Happy New Year to all, thanks for stopping by, till the next time, take care.