Thursday, March 31, 2022

Coming to An End


Where Are We Today

Park Place RV Park

Quartzsite Arizona

This is the last day in this park as we leave here tomorrow morning for a destination down the road. Not far down the road, we will spend a few days at Roadrunner BLM area before heading to a park in Yuma for five days. April 10th will see us hitch up and start the journey home.

A few of the guys , taken about 5 days ago.

Quartzsite Flyers Field

This morning I made one last trip to the flying field to say goodbye to the flyers still here. Many have left in the last couple of weeks, as the temperature rises, the winds pick up and insurance runs out. There are a couple of guys that live here year-round, but they even say come mid-April, it is too hot to fly.

This has certainly been a different winter for us not having our Canadian friends here, we have missed them, but have also enjoyed meeting and spending time with our American friends. Also, we have met new friends both in this park and flying friends at the field, who we look forward to seeing next year.

That's us, bottom right.

This park is open year round. Thinning out as us snowbirds head for home.

With that being said, we have made changes to how and where we will spend our time down here. Our favorite park, Pilot Knob has been sold to Thousand Trails Park systems, with many changes coming. We have decided to get rid of our one park membership as we don’t use it enough. We will keep the second one, as it is less costly on a yearly basis. It will also get us into most of the parks the first one did.

We have had a great winter here in Arizona and very happy that we were able to get away this year. Looking ahead to our trip home and what the spring and summer will bring.

Until the next time, take care and keep checking in on Pat’s blog to see what we have been up to.