Thursday, August 15, 2019

"The Hangar" Reveal

Where Are We Today
" The Ridge"
Priceville Ontario

Finally at long last, here is my post on the "The Hangar/ shed that I built for doing my hobby in.
The Beginning
This project started about a year ago with the building of a shed 8 ft. X 16 ft., the inside being 8 x 12 with a 4 x 8 porch. Mike, a friend who is a contractor offered to get the material at his cost and then build it with me and any volunteers on his own time on weekends. Volunteers included my brother - in - law Gerry and our good buddy Rob. I also built my work table before we went south for the winter.
Wiring and Insulation Done
Returning home this spring, the goal was to finish the inside by wiring, insulating and dry walling. Not wanting to tape and mud the drywall, I used trim to cover all the seams. Paint colors were chosen, and the painting was done.

Looking through the double doors
 A good friend, Bob, helped me frame out the door openings to the drywall and lay the sub floor and linoleum.

Looking in at the bench with the big screen TV

Looking in at the single door

Inside view, bench with tv, cupboards and organized chaos

Wall with the double doors, notice the peg boards from Bob

With that done, the removal of a bench in the cargo trailer took place and was installed in "The Hangar", allowing the installation of tools, pictures, some mementos, equipment and building materials.

Looking at the single door end, more peg boards, drill press, picture on the wall
I say that "The Hangar" is complete, but there is a little painting to do and some curtains for the windows, that Patsy will make for me. Since it's completion, I have been busy working at my hobby, building RC airplanes. The current project, 15 foot Telemaster, is coming along nicely, I hope to have it finished soon. So stay tuned for a post on it.
Thanks for dropping in, I enjoy reading your comments, if you care to leave one. Until the next time, take care.