Monday, June 19, 2023

Long Over-Due

Where Are We Today
The Ridge
Priceville, Ontario

This post is long over-due. At the end of every winter,  I like to make a record of the miles traveled.

This winter from the time we left Ridge until the time we returned to the Ridge, we put 12951.0km./8047.4mi. on the truck.

This pic shows a total km. of 2951.0, That is actually 12951.0km, as this odometer resets after it reaches 9999.9 kms.
We used 738.25 gal. of fuel, averaging 10.9 mpg. Or 2794.0 liters of fuel, averaging 21.6 l/100km. These numbers are taken from the truck’s onboard computer.

The total mileage/kilometers on the truck at this point is 168081.3 km/104438.9mi.