Thursday, August 18, 2016

Iaam Baack

'The Ridge " Durham Ont.

It has been awhile since I have written a post, but that doesn't mean that I haven't been around.
If you follow Pat's blog, Chillin' with Patsy, you know we spent a week in Michigan at Silver Lake and had a great time with our friends from Illinois.

On the beach waiting for the sunset

Climbing the dunes

I have been busy with our project of turning one of the sheds into a bunkie. So far I have insulated and wrapped the vapour barrier and we are ready to go and purchase the paneling, hopefully tomorrow.

In progress
One of my tasks every few days is to replenish our fresh water tank. As we do not have fresh water here at " The Ridge" , I drive 6 kms. over to Pat's sister and husband's other property where they have a well that we get our water from. We purchased a 45 gallon  water bladder from Camping World and that is what I use to get our water, fill it there and bring it back to our place and pump it onto our tank.  Today was one of those days.
Ready for water

Hose hoked up to the well

Back at our trailer with a full bladder
Pump hooked up and ready to go

Turn the  valves and we are filling the tank
After the much needed rain the last few days, the grass and the weeds are growing and once again needs cutting. So after supper I got out the mower and got the front field cut, should get the back field cut tomorrow night. Then the trimming, but I have all the time in the world.

For those that have followed along for awhile, you know that my hobby is RC model aircraft. My newest one is a quad copter with a camera. I have been getting use to it for a couple of weeks and taking pics of our spot here at " The Ridge", you will find them below.

First flight
The Ridge, looking north

Taken from a height of about 180 ft.

Looking west to our neighbor.

Looking south at the wind turbines

Different shot

That's about it for now, thanks for following along. Until the next time, take care.