Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Engine Woes and QDF Air Show

Where Are We Today

Quartzsite, Arizona

In the two months since my last post, life has gone on as I am sure you have read in Pat’s everyday posts, “Chillin with Patsy”. HERE 

I continue to enjoy  my hobby of RC model airplane flying, although it is not the flying I had hoped for. If you remember in my last post, I mentioned losing two airplanes, replacing one ( which I am still flying) and having sent a 4 cycle glow fuel Saito engine in for repair do to a noise it was making.

This is the plane I bought after crashing two. It is a Leader 480

The engine was returned to me within 3 weeks of sending it away after they replaced the front and rear bearings, a piston ring and front drive collet. They said that the valves and tappets were checked and it was bench tested for any noise.

I reinstalled it in my J3 Cub and headed for the field with anticipation of flying it for the rest of the winter. After a quart of fuel and adjusting the low speed needle to try and get it to idle, I resorted to resetting the low-speed needle to factory settings and starting all over following their instructions, to no avail, I had had enough.

The Cub flying back in Sept. 2020

The motor came out and it was sent back asking them to fix it and make sure it would idle before sending it back. They have had it since the 20th of January and it still isn’t fixed, waiting on parts with no ETA when they will arrive. Oh, I have no idea what parts they’re waiting for, communication doesn’t seem to be a strong suit.

This past weekend was our annual Air Show/ Fun Fly, with a night fly on Friday night, the air show on Saturday and swap meet on Sunday. We had great weather for it and a good time by all. I should mention that I had brought with me some items to sell at the swap meet, but a Sig “Somethin Extra” Kit was spotted at our club house a couple of weeks before the swap meet, so a trade was made. I had one of these years ago as a glow fuel powered model, this one, I plan on doing electric.

These three belong to a fellow Canadian from Alberta

This one from another Canadian from B.C.

The only one at the show

Nice electric T-28 with a sound card in it to make it sound real.

I have started a Quartzsite Desert Flyers FB page which you can find and see photos of the weekend there.

It has been a different winter this year, with temperatures 10 -15 degrees F. below average. It has been windier then normal and we have had more rain this year then in all the years put together since we have been coming down starting in 2016. This is not a complaint, just an observation, still better than at home.

There you have it, my side of life here in the desert of Quartzsite Arizona. We are 37 days away from starting our trek home, hoping to be back at “The Ridge” around April 18th. Thanks for stopping by, comments are always welcome. Until the next time, take care and enjoy life.