Thursday, March 21, 2024

Winding Down

Where Are We Today

Park Place RV Park

Quartzsite, Az.

 The daily exodus of every type of RV imaginable and its occupants is evident, as we ourselves are winding down.

Tables put away under our shelter

On March 13th, I held the last meeting of The Quartzsite Desert Flyers for this winter. There are only 3 members who live here all year round, so there is no need for meetings during the summer months. Yesterday, we put away all the flight stands and chairs at the field as there is no need for them to sit out in the hot sun all summer. Two tables were left out for those members to use through the summer if they can get out to fly.

Tables left for summer flying

Last fall I replaced our batteries with 4 new Lithium batteries, which are bigger in physical size and would not fit in the battery boxes that the old ones were in. Making a trip to Yuma last week for some wood, I made a cover to protect the new batteries as we store our folding chairs on top of them. Purchasing a 1/8 x2x4 sheet of plywood and 2 pcs of 1x1 ½ x 8, I went to a friend’s place who has a table saw and cut to size all the pieces that I needed. Partially assembling, then putting in place and then finish putting the top on, I now have the batteries protected so I can store the chairs on top of them.

Built the sides first

Sides installed, top frame fastened, top and end attached.

Our dining table finish has been showing wear and Pat has been after me to sand it down and re-stain it. We were under the impression that the wood was cherry with a cherry stain.  I don’t know one type of wood from another and when I sanded this piece down, it was lighter than a piece of cherry that a friend gave us a few years ago. Having already bought the cherry stain, I applied two coats and two coats of Polyurethane protectant.

Sanded and finished

Pat very much likes the outcome and the contrast to the darker shade compared to the rest of the wood, so you know that old saying, “happy wife, happy life.” That ends any other projects until we are home.

Back in place, you can see the contrast.

Next week, I will start to prep for our departure from here. Checking tire pressure on both truck and trailer, also putting some grease to the trailer wheel bearings and suspension. Packing away the gazebo and chairs, taking down the weather station and Star link dish, folding the outdoor mat, putting away the BBQ and its table and dumping tanks.  All part of this great life style that we live.

That is, it for now, thanks for stopping by. Until the next time, take care and safe travels to those who are like us and travelling home.


Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Three Projects

Where Are We Today

Park Place RV Park

Quartzsite, Arizona

For those of you who follow Pat's blog, you know of our daily activities, mine generally is around my hobby of RC airplanes.

However, occasionally, I have little projects to do, so here are three little ones that I have worked on in the last couple of weeks.

The first was a repair to the tonneau cover on the truck. It is a tri fold hard cover made of Styrofoam sandwiched between thin aluminum sheets. Each section has a bar that goes from side to side with a latching system to hold it down. The bar is held in place with 4 rivets on each side. Just before we left home last fall, yes, I procrastinate, it came off, so I tucked it away in the box to fix it down here. This is the second tonneau cover this has happened to, so I knew how I was going to fix it.

Top-rivets removed, bottom left- bar bolted back on and bottom right - mechanism slid back in.

First, I removed the latch mechanism by removing screws and sliding it out one end of the bar. Next, hold the bar in its place and drill 5 holes through the bar and the tonneau cover to accept the bolts that I was going to use to re-fasten it. The bolts being long enough to pass through the tonneau cover and bar to accept lock washer and nut, but short enough to allow the latch mechanism to slide back on.

Top- you can see the new bolts holding the bar in place.
Bottom - the under side 

Sliding the latch mechanism back in place, put the screws in and its as good has new.

The second project was to replace the padding and material on our dining chairs. We found some padding on Amazon and Pat had picked up some material along the way to do the job.

Top - before removing the old, bottom left - removing the staples, bottom right - the flattened old foam

First was to remove the 200 staples holding the material in place, along with the old padding. Next was to cut the new and thicker padding to size and I glued it to the board that made up the base of the seat. Now the fun part of wrapping the new material around the padding and stapling it to the bottom of the board. It turned out well with the second one better than the first. Pat is happy with it and that is what matters.

Cutting to size, gluing to seat, finished and Gibbs approved

The third and last project was at the flying field. We have a bulletin board under the shelter for putting up notices. Someone vandalized it by breaking the plexiglass cover back in December.

The club purchased a sheet of plexiglass, hinges, and a couple of latches to make a new one. Using a 2x4x8 left over from the new flight stands that we built in the fall, I ripped one down the middle, run each half through the table saw leaving a 5/8 inch deep saw blade width cut.

New Plexiglass in frame

Next, the plexiglass was cut to size, the 2x4 cut to size for each side along with the ends cut at 45 degrees so the corners would meet neatly. Each side was slid onto the .100 of inch plexiglass, screwed at the corners, angle brackets added for strength and silicone caulking applied inside and out. The hinges and hooks were added and then hung on the bulletin board. Looks good and will protect the notices for a long time.

There you have it, thanks for stopping by and taking time to read about what I have been up to, other than flying. Until the next time.