Friday, April 19, 2019

Winter Mileage

Where Are We Today
"The Ridge"
Priceville Ontario 
Winter Mileage

Leaving "The Ridge"

At the end of each winter, I like to report our distance traveled and fuel mileage from the time we leave "The Ridge" until the time we return to "The Ridge". It should also be stated that it is not always a direct drive to and from the border crossing, as we may stop for one or more days between "The Ridge " and the border.
The following numbers are taken from the truck's  instrument panel computer.
Mileage: 9654.5 mi./15537.4 km.
Fuel/: 10.4 mpg avg./22.6 l/100 km.
Amount Used: 927.9 U.S. gal./ 772.64 Imp. gal./ 3512.5 l.
It should also be noted that these averages are for both towing and normal driving. This being our third winter away, thinking back, these numbers have been close each year.

Changing the subject, I was asked awhile back, by Dave from, about my step ladder hung underneath the trailer and about hanging 50 lbs on the ladder at the back.

Arriving back at "The Ridge"

To answer Dave, you should have no problem hanging your blue boy on the ladder, it is rated for somewhere in the 200 lb. vicinity to allow you to climb up it.
To see the step ladder hanger install, you can go to this link here,
I got the idea from someone we met in a park in Huachuca City AZ. He had his in this location on a Mobilesuite.
Thanks for taking time to stop by and hope you are having a Happy Easter where ever you are. Until the next time, take care and stay safe. Comment are always welcome.

15 Ft. Telemaster

Saturday, April 6, 2019

Home - Not Quite

Where Are We Today
CanAm RV, London, Ontario
We are back in Canada, but not quite home yet. Staying at CanAm for the week until we can get into "The Ridge", while here we will get the slide cables looked at, I will work for two days and visit our kids.

Putting 6 large boxes in the trailer

The real reason for this post is an update on my next RC project. Over the winter, I  purchased a kit to build from a company in Arden NC. With plans to pick it up on our way home so as to avoid shipping costs, duty, taxes and brokerage fees,  we arrived there March 28th as per-arranged, the owner was not there, he had been called away to a family emergency. Once we contacted him, he said he would be home the next week and he would ship it to us free of charge. I said I would contact him when he was home.

Boxes in and closed back up.

Here comes the twist, when I spoke to him again, he asked if I would like the proto-type that he had built and flown. I decided to go with that option if he could get to my U.S. mailing address in Port Huron no later than Friday April 6th, so I could pick it up on the 7th before we crossed the border. After checking with FedEx, that it could be there, he packed it up and shipped it.

The picture doesn't show how big it really is.

We arrived at Blue Water shipping Saturday morning at 9:30 and picked up 6 huge boxes, a little taken back at the number and size, I know it is a big plane but still. We managed to get them in the trailer and then headed for the border where we were across in about 5 minutes.
Once setup at CanAm, I opened the boxes and without removing the bubble wrap, checked each piece for damage. Once we are home I will unwrap and post pictures of its size.
Thanks for the reading along, until the next time stay safe and take care.

Friday, April 5, 2019

Toledo Weak Signals RC Expo

Where Are We Today
Stony Ridge KOA
Perrysburg, Ohio 

Today, Rob and I attended the Toledo RC Expo at the Seagate Convention Center in downtown Toledo, put on by the  Weak Signals RC Club. This is one of the reasons we came home this way, the other, which I mentioned earlier as my next RC project, has had a jiggle in the jello, hopefully I will be able to update you on that after Saturday.


This event is one of the largest RC Expos on the East Coast and is held at this time of year, this year's being the 65th one. Suppliers and vendors bring out the latest and best in the hobby, from kits and ARFS to engines and radios, also all the accessories to go with them.

Model for the Competition

 I have attended many of them since the mid 80's, making the three hour drive from London. In the early years it was every year, sometimes for the whole weekend, as it is a Friday, Saturday and Sunday event. In recent years it has been  hit and miss. Over the years, as the hobby changes, so does the show, there are new vendors and the loss of some. When you miss going for a few years, the changes become evident as you walk about the show. There are a few that I miss, as I usually purchased from them. Then there are new ones, like the one I met last year, which led to my next RC project.
This year's purchases were made at Heli Direct for a battery, Robart Mfg. for some glue and a couple of swap shop dealers.

Detail of these scale models is fantastic

Competition Model

There are many more

There is also a model building competition, which I am including some pictures of, beautiful detail and craftsman ship.

Met up with my buddy Keith, from London Forest City Flyers

There is a swap meet and flee market area along with flying demonstrations, click on the link at the top of the page to learn more about this Expo.

Thanks for dropping by, tomorrow we should be back in Canada where we will be staying at CanAm RV for at least a week, then hopefully up to " The Ridge ".
Until the time, take care and stay safe.