Sunday, June 29, 2014

Better Late Then Never

As the title says " better late then never" here are a few words about last weekend. I was away camping at the Tillsonburg airport. The airport? Yes the airport, I volunteer with a group that does public safety at air shows. The Canadian Harvard Aircraft Association put on a small airshow honouring the pilots and the Harvard aircraft. So from Friday afternoon until Sunday afternoon that's where I was.
It is always a good time with the group when we get together for one of these shows. Not everyone stays the night and camp but a few of us decided that instead of driving back and forth to London at the end of a long day that we would stay and camp. One of the guys who happens to be the mechanic that looks after our vehicles stayed with me in the trailer. There were 18 Harvards in attendance, a couple of Tiger Moths and the Lancaster from Hamilton did a couple of flybys. There was a good crowd that showed up and admission was by donation.
Here they are getting the Harvards lined up for a Sunday morning photo shoot, quite impressive to see all of these at once. Also on Sunday a Strike Master that is kept here took off and did some flybys, along with a couple of Trojan T28's.
Well that was my weekend, love airplanes and had great time with a great group of people. Until the next time, take care and thanks for stopping by. One pic to add of the group of us standing for a photo op That's me, third from the right..

Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Acreage

Here we are at one of our favorite campsites, " The Acreage " otherwise know as Donna and Gerry's. We visit here 4 or 5 times a year. It's quiet, relaxing and always a great time.
Our friend Brenda joined us for the weekend. We arrived Friday night around 9 pm, got all set up and then sat around the fire until a little after 11 pm.
Saturday was a little on the cool side to start the day off, but the afternoon turned warm enough for us all to put on our shorts and enjoy the sun, Gerry and I even manage to get our first game of horseshoes of the year played, as usual he beat me in all three games. After steaks on the BBQ for supper we enjoyed another fire until 11 pm and the night turned cool so headed in for a great nights sleep. Sunday morning a was beautiful and why not, it's Fathers Day, but we do have to get packed up and head for home. The drive home is usually uneventful, but today wasn't one. There is a spot just outside of Stratford where we pull in and stretch our legs. As I got out and walked around the trailer I heard air escaping from one of the trailer tires, GREAT! This is a first, I took a few minutes to think about how I was going to change it and soon set to task, 30 to 40 minutes later we were on our way.
Arrived home without further incident, unloaded and ready for another work week. So, another great weekend coming to an end as I type this post. Hope yours was as well. Thanks for stopping by, until the next time, take care.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Camping at Pittock Conservation Area

What a great weekend we have had here at Pittock Conservation Area, part of the Upper Thames River Conservation Authority at Woodstock Ontario.
We arrived late Friday afternoon after a short hour drive from home in London. All set up in short time and supper and dishes done we head over to visit a co-worker, Deb and her husband George, who season camp here. Had a great night around the camp fire.
Saturday was a beautiful sunny day.
Here we are at the site, section four site 222. Pat is already to go for a walk around the area. After our walk the day was filled with relaxation, soaking in the sun, reading, snoozing and chit chats with who ever came by. Chatted with Deb and George for awhile before we headed back to our site to BBQ some steaks for supper. With that all over with and dishes done we head over for another camp fire at Deb and George's and some music from another family that came to join us. We got to spot the Space Station as it passed overhead around ten pm. Headed home just after eleven for another good nights sleep. It is now early Sunday morning as I write this and the day is just beginning. We will probably leave here around noon with plans to stop at a truck wash here in Woodstock to have the trailer done. So I am going to stop now and hope to finish up this post to night after we're home. As promised, I'll finish off the rest of this post. We got away on time, just as we were leaving it started to rain, good timing. Stopped at the truck wash on the way home to have the trailer washed and Rain X and the truck just washed.
Going in, being washed and ready to leave. An hour down the road till we got home, unload and get ready for the week. What a great weekend, warm weather great friends and campers all around. That's a wrap for this one, back to work tomorrow, until the next time, take care.

Sunday, June 1, 2014


We are coming to the end of another beautiful weekend, bright sunny skies and warm temperatures. It has been a busy time, shopping, entertaining a dear friend and the highlight being the joining of The Rock Glen Family Resort. By becoming members we have taken one more step in our preparation to going fulltime RVing.

Now, the shopping part isn't all that exciting, you know, groceries, gas in the vehicles, dog food and the like. Then the usual chores, laundry and grass cutting, there is always something to do.

Then the entertaining part. We had  Brenda over for Saturday evening  BBQ, wine, chit chat and a movie. It was a great night and great to have her here.

Then of course Sunday, more of the same and some relaxing too. Although we weren't away camping we did sleep in our 5th wheel both Friday and Saturday nights. We are fortunate to be able to park our trailer in our driveway and plug into electrical.

Well that's just about a wrap of another weekend here in southwestern Ontario, back to work tomorrow. If you have stopped by to see what were up to thanks for the visit. Until the next time, take care for now.