Sunday, December 6, 2020

I'm Still Around

Wre We Today

Paisley, Ontario

Yes, I am still around, of course you know that, because you follow Patsy’s posts faithfully. We certainly have had quite the year, quarantine when we came home, covid-19 ever since and now staying here for the winter. Everyone has their opinion on what is right, what isn’t, wear a mask, don’t wear a mask, don’t go out or go out. This post is not about any of that. Each one of us has to determine what is right for oneself and respect each other for that decision, that’s all I’m going to say about it.

This post is hobby related; it has to do with me expanding my knowledge of new products that I want to install in the 15 ft. Telemaster. My RC buddies, know that I am a basic nothing fancy flyer, so I am really stepping out of comfort zone with these new products.

15 Ft. Telemaster by Carolina Custom Kits
15 Ft Telemaster

The first one is a new Spektrum iX 12 intelligent radio (Android Operation) that I bought for myself back in September.

Spektrum iX12 Radio

Secondly, I purchased a Spektrum AR9030T, 9 channel receiver and thirdly, Smart-Fly Power System Eq6. This last one is completely new to me and will admit that it may be overboard for what it is going in, but I believe a good way to learn about it for other models. It will also, I admit, take me some time to get my head wrapped around the setting up part, but that’s the challenge, right.

Spektrum 9 Channel Receiver and Smart- Fly

Today, I went through the process of binding the receiver to the radio, with success confirmed by plugging in a servo and operating it.

Receiver bond, servo one direction 

Receiver bond and servo opposite direction

Bear with me as I go through the process of setup and installation into the Telemaster, with it’s maiden flight to happen this summer 2021, COVID-19 or no COVID-19.

One of my followers,” Yankeeflyer”, I know is wanting to know how the Corsair is coming along, I have it with me, but haven’t done any more to it. Space is limited, but I hope to do some work on it while here. Bear with me and I will post updates as I work on it.

Thanks for stopping by, your thoughts and comments are always welcome. As this is probably my last post of the year, I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and all the best in the New Year. Most of all, please be safe and stay healthy.