Saturday, August 21, 2021

For "The Furry Gnome" Part Two

Where Are We Today
"The Ridge"
Priceville Ontario

As promised, here is the story on another project. I actually started this last summer. With no potable water supply here, we get our water from the landlord’s other property, a short distance away. I have always wanted a way to wash vehicles and water the gardens without having to get water from the landlord using the 45-gallon water bladder. Needless to say, we have a pond, so last summer I bought a pump and that’s as far as I got.

Pump, Tank and Pressure Gauge

This year, come drought or high water, I was going to get this working. Deciding where to put the pump came down to two choices, one, beside the Bunkie and two, beside the Hangar. The pond, where there is significant water level, is about 300 feet away with a rise of about 10 feet over that distance. The pump can draw 25 feet straight up, but can it draw 300 feet with a rise of 10 feet, I wasn’t sure.

Priming the pump

I bought 300 feet of 1 ¼ inch black poly pipe along with another 30 feet I had here with a check valve and laid it out along the driveway and up to the pump beside the Bunkie. The next step was to prime the line with water from the water bladder. After a couple of times thinking that the line was primed, I figured out that there is a lot of air in 330 feet of pipe. After removing the check valve to let the air escape, the line filled with water and success, we had water.

We Have Water

Satisfied that this is going to work, I built a stand for the pump and top to cover it. Installing a couple of valves for hoses and a new GFI receptacle, we are in business. 

Pump in it's shelter with a couple of valves for hoses

Conduit with new wiring for receptacle

GFI Receptacle and pump plugged in

The pipe will lay on top of the ground along side the driveway, corral and Pat’s Garden. There are three short sections where I have buried it just below the surface so we can cut grass without fear of cutting it.

Line along the corral and laneway

Along the garden and down the corral

 In the fall, I will have to drain it so it doesn’t freeze and then in the spring, prime the line again. All this, I have remembered from helping/watching my dad do this for water at the family cottage.
Loosening the gravel

Making the trench to put the pipe in.
We even found some good garden hoses and hose reel on one of the auctions we follow. Patsy will be able to water her gardens without lugging many watering cans of water and I will be able to wash vehicles and the trailer.

There’s another project in the books, thanks for stopping by. Until the next time, take care and be safe. Comments are always welcome.

Thursday, August 12, 2021

For " The Furry Gnome" Part One

Where Are We Today
"The Ridge"

We had a nice visit yesterday from fellow blogger “The Furry Gnome “and Mrs. F.G., which during our conversation, he said I need to blog more. I have to agree with him so here is a start at catching up.

Here is the space between the deck and trailer with the last deck board folded up.

Awhile back, Patsy in one of her posts, reported on the porch and steps that we built for entering and exiting the Suite. There was one thing that she could not comment on, which led to followers asking how I was going to move it when we leave or return.

This end section will flip up separately from the rest of the deck board because of the furnace exhaust being there, the board would catch fire if it was not flipped up while the furnace is running. 

Here is that same board notched out to fit around the post.

The plan is not to have to move the steps. When I built it, the last deck board put on, was hinged to the edge that would butt against the trailer. When we leave, that board will be flipped up to leave a 6-inch space between the deck and the trailer. With the slides in, hand rail folded in I should be able to drive straight ahead and clear the deck before having to turn. When returning, I always put the trailer in the same spot, although I will admit, it will up the level of my backing skills a little. I am confident that I can do it. If I need to shift the deck slightly, I can move it.

Sneak preview of the next project.
There you have it for this post, I have another project almost completed, so stay tune for that one. Thanks for reading, comments are always welcome. Until the next time take care.