Thursday, October 29, 2015

Toronto RV Show

Better Late Then Never

Well here I go again, late with a post. That seems to be a theme right now. I have written about this RV Show before, so that's maybe why I wasn't in a hurry. RV shows are RV shows, the same thing really, just a different location, different people and trailers. That being said, we still see some of the same people from one time to the next. They are still looking for that perfect trailer or they are there for something to do.  They usually remember that we are going full time next year and ask if we are still going to, the answer is YES!!! We enjoy our time here, meeting people who are interested in RVing. Talking to them about what they do,  would like to do, what kind of trailer they are looking for and about what we do. 

CanAm RV our
This little girl had her face done at one of the booths.

Pat standing by

We did have a great time meeting new people and talking to a few we have met before. We really enjoy talking about full timing and can't wait to start next year.
The other side of this , is the time we have with the staff of Can Am RV. Not only at the show but also the social time afterwards. Dinner on the Saturday night is always a great time, great company and food. A time to unwind from the day and relax. For the staff of CanAm RV, this is work, try and get leads and sell trailers, make those deals.  For us, we get to show up and tell our story and listen to others and at the end of the weekend leave for home. 

Good Times

Great Conversation

Good Food

There is still a lot of work to be done that we don't have to do. Taking down the display and packing everything to come back to the dealership. We aren't sales people so no pressure. Having said that, there is nothing like the feeling when one of the sale people will say to a customer, " here is Pat and Bill, they're customers and own a DRV", we can then answer questions they might have about a certain trailer. what do we pull ours with and so on. That conversation may and has helped a couple to buy.
The next show will be in February and we get to do it all over again. 

The last couple of weeks we have been getting ready for winter, cleaning up around the yard and winterizing the trailer. While doing this, I discovered some damage done to the roof of the trailer by tree branches. Not sure where or when, though we have an idea. Just waiting for the insurance adjuster to give the go ahead and have CanAm fix it, probably in early December. Until that is done, I won't get the vehicles arranged in the driveway for winter the way I do. During this process we think of what is coming and it saddens us. We just have to remember this will be the last winter here we hope for a long time  and look forward to what is coming. The selling of our house, retirement and full timing.Well for being late and not thinking I would have much to say, this has become a story.

 Thanks for stopping by for a read. Until the next time, take care. To all our full time friends on the road heading south, take care, drive safe and enjoy.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015


I said in my last post that I would try and get the next one out sooner then later, so here it is.

We managed to get off work a couple of hours early on Friday so we could get to " The Ridge " before dark. It was a good trip up with only a couple of slow downs on the short stretch of the 401 that we travel. Arriving just before sunset and all set up before dark.

Stratford's  Avon River
Coming into Durham
All set up and sun setting

Saturday  was a beautiful bright, sunny and warm day. Our brother-in law- Gerry, was having a problem with the light connection for his trailer wiring on his truck,  I said we would have a look and see if we could get it fixed. It didn't take to long to find the problem and fix it , so it is good as new and can use his trailer again.

Fixing the wiring

With the wiring fixed, Gerry was off home as they had company coming. Pat and I started putting things away for the winter. We had brought a couple of plants from our garden at home to have up here. A Rose of Sharon and a Peony bush. Before Gerry arrived we got the holes dug and the plants planted.

Rose of Sharon
Peony Bush

Even though we were having a big family get together on Sunday, we decided to have our own little Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday night. Fired up the Weber Q and cooked a turkey breast roll along with potatoes. Pat got the rest ready inside and when all was ready we sat down to a great supper.

Table all set

After supper I lit the camp fire for one last time this year and Donna and Gerry joined for a nice evening together.


Clemson and I

Roaring Fire

Donna and Gerry

Sunday turned out to be just as glorious as Saturday. I set out for a walk down the lane and up the road . Thought I would take a few pics of the property from different angle from the road. Here are a few.

No need for captions, I think they speak for themselves. As said before, when we retire next year, this will be our summer place. You have to be here to realize the peace and serenity of it.
Sunday afternoon we headed to Gayle and Johns near Chatsworth  for the family Thanksgiving. Great afternoon seeing everyone who could make it, even the families from USA. One of the girls from the USA, asked for a pic of everyone. Her teacher didn't believe she was going for thanksgiving in Canada, so wanted proof. :-).

Great pic of the family, yours truly, back row center and  Pat front row on the right edge of the picture.
 Pat's mom two in from the right with the red sweater on.
We were on our way before dark. Gerry and Donna had mom with them and followed us back. Mom had not seen " The Ridge " or our trailer, so they stopped to show her before taking her home.
Once again a beautiful day for Monday. One of the last things we usually do is go and help Donna and Gerry winterize their trailer. With that done it was time to say good-bye and head home.  We were home by three. It is sad to see the end of the season and know what is coming, but we know that next year will be a new beginning in our life style and we are so looking forward to it. Over the next two weeks I will get our trailer ready for winter. We are fortunate that we can keep it in our driveway and keep an eye on it over the winter.
With that said, I am coming to a close on this post. Stay tune for the next edition coming soon. Next weekend, Oct.16, 17 &18 is the Toronto fall RV Show and Sale at the International Centre. We will be there on Sat. & Sun. with CanAm RV. If you are in the area, stop by and say hello.
Thanks for stopping by, until the next time, take care.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Catching Up

Here I go again, catching you followers up on what we have been doing. Our first outing since my last post was Labour Day Weekend. We were back up to "The Ridge" our home base when we retire next year. What a great weekend it was, beautiful weather and a relaxing time.
In my last post, I was building a dock for on the pond. The caption under one the pics was, " Needs something, let me think about it ". After much head scratching and pondering, I decided to build another section and attach it to the first piece to form a "T". So that's what I did. As luck would have it, our good friends Kathy and Derrick were replacing their deck boards. Perfect timing for us, as we were able to get these boards and use them to make the new dock section and some left over for another project next year.  With the short time left in the season and only being here two more  times this year, I decided not to put the two sections together and in the water until next year, so tune in then to see the end result. 

The Start


Two weeks later we were back up again, but this time we had our friend Brenda with us. We arrived just after six and set up in no time at all. It was a nice evening so we went to visit Donna & Gerry at their place for a camp fire. It was great for Brenda to catch up with them, she hadn't seen them since last year. OH, it was great for us to catch up also.

Pat & Brenda

Gerry & I

Pat has a garden that keeps her busy.
Pat's garden

Saturday was one of those on again off again  days of drizzle rain but we made the best of it, out when we could and in when we had to. Sunday turned out to be a great day, but we were on our way home by noon. Still all in all a great weekend.
Of course, in between our camping adventure we are still working. The only thing exciting about work is our count down to retirement. As I write this , I have 9 months, 14 days, 1 hour to go, and Pat has less then that.  The other thing going on is that we are in a legal strike position. With out getting into details, all I want to say is that , I don't believe in going on strike and hope that it doesn't come to that.
Last weekend was the Ilderton fair. Ilderton is a small farming community 20 minutes from London. CanAm Rv, where we bought our 5th wheel, asked if we could help out at the display that they had there. Of course we could. So we spent from 10 am to 3 pm talking to people interested in the display. Saturday was a cold and cloudy day but fortunately the rain held off until around 2 pm.

The Scrambler

Pat standing by

CanAm RV display

Cloudy ,cold windy fall day

Sunday was a better day so we got some yard work done  and items put away for the winter, for the last time! 
That brings us up to date for now. Thanksgiving is next weekend and the one after that is a RV show in Toronto. No promises, but I"ll do my best to get something out soon after that.
Thanks for stopping by, until the next time, take care.