Thursday, October 8, 2015

Catching Up

Here I go again, catching you followers up on what we have been doing. Our first outing since my last post was Labour Day Weekend. We were back up to "The Ridge" our home base when we retire next year. What a great weekend it was, beautiful weather and a relaxing time.
In my last post, I was building a dock for on the pond. The caption under one the pics was, " Needs something, let me think about it ". After much head scratching and pondering, I decided to build another section and attach it to the first piece to form a "T". So that's what I did. As luck would have it, our good friends Kathy and Derrick were replacing their deck boards. Perfect timing for us, as we were able to get these boards and use them to make the new dock section and some left over for another project next year.  With the short time left in the season and only being here two more  times this year, I decided not to put the two sections together and in the water until next year, so tune in then to see the end result. 

The Start


Two weeks later we were back up again, but this time we had our friend Brenda with us. We arrived just after six and set up in no time at all. It was a nice evening so we went to visit Donna & Gerry at their place for a camp fire. It was great for Brenda to catch up with them, she hadn't seen them since last year. OH, it was great for us to catch up also.

Pat & Brenda

Gerry & I

Pat has a garden that keeps her busy.
Pat's garden

Saturday was one of those on again off again  days of drizzle rain but we made the best of it, out when we could and in when we had to. Sunday turned out to be a great day, but we were on our way home by noon. Still all in all a great weekend.
Of course, in between our camping adventure we are still working. The only thing exciting about work is our count down to retirement. As I write this , I have 9 months, 14 days, 1 hour to go, and Pat has less then that.  The other thing going on is that we are in a legal strike position. With out getting into details, all I want to say is that , I don't believe in going on strike and hope that it doesn't come to that.
Last weekend was the Ilderton fair. Ilderton is a small farming community 20 minutes from London. CanAm Rv, where we bought our 5th wheel, asked if we could help out at the display that they had there. Of course we could. So we spent from 10 am to 3 pm talking to people interested in the display. Saturday was a cold and cloudy day but fortunately the rain held off until around 2 pm.

The Scrambler

Pat standing by

CanAm RV display

Cloudy ,cold windy fall day

Sunday was a better day so we got some yard work done  and items put away for the winter, for the last time! 
That brings us up to date for now. Thanksgiving is next weekend and the one after that is a RV show in Toronto. No promises, but I"ll do my best to get something out soon after that.
Thanks for stopping by, until the next time, take care.

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