Thursday, June 16, 2016


Golden Pond RV Park, Mossley, On.

Retirement is pending, only 5 working days left as I write this. I am anxious for the day to come and ready to leave and start our new adventure. Pat has been patiently waiting for me to reach that day.

Day to day I do my routine keeping up with the daily inflow of items, preparing outgoing items and the daily incidentals that come along. Also my replacement is now there so that I can pass on the ins and outs of the job. One of my concerns is the operation of the fork lift truck. This person has never been on a fork lift before, the employer sent them for training, the theory being at the trainers location and the practical done at our warehouse and using our equipment. With only a few days in there is some serious improvement that needs to happen. I have many concerns whether this person will make it. I know it isn't my problem but I do worry for my boss. Enough said about it.
 I find that as I talk about it, when someone asks, that I get emotional about it, which normally isn't me.  It has been suggested, that I realize that 26 years of my life are coming to an end. Well, that has to be it. So, I'll live thru it, I'm sure, though the last day may be a little ruff.
With out sounding my own horn, I am proud that I have made a difference no matter what position I have held during those 26 years. The last two and a half years have especially been the happiest, returning to the place where I started 26 years ago. The difference in the warehouse was noticed by my fellow workers and others who work in the different departments in the building and passed that  on to me, thank you to all those who noticed and took the the time say so.
When I started this post, I had 5 days to go, now I'm down to 3, Tues, Wed, and Thurs. of next week.
My part time job at CanAm RV will also be coming to an end, as we will be heading to our summer place near Durham, On. This is also disheartening as I do really enjoy the orientations and meeting of people.
So for now I'll end this post. Stay tune for our new chapter in our lives, just around the corner.
Until the next time, take care.