Wednesday, April 28, 2021

New Toy

Where Are We Today
The Ridge, Priceville Ontario

Finally, my new toy is home, new to me anyways. Last fall while attending a family BBQ at our daughters, her partner, Chris, said he was selling his motorcycle, a 2003 Yamaha Road Star, Silverado. He got it out, started and I took it for a short ride. I haven’t had a bike since 2012, but it has always been tucked away in the back corner of my mind that maybe someday I might have another. Chris told me how much he wanted for it, which I was agreeable to, l said that I wanted to check out insurance rates before making a final decision.  After doing so, a payment method was established and Chris would store the bike until the spring.

Getting ready to leave Bridgette and Chris's

Today was the day, a trip down to Woodstock, Ontario was made, picked up the paper work from Bridgette, (Chris was at work) headed to the registration office to transfer ownership, get a temporary plate so I could drive it to a bike shop near home to get the safety certificate, then to the registration office to get a permanent license plate.

Pat followed me to the bike shop in Hanover and then to Durham to the License  Office, taking the pictures.

Fortunate that we could get it all done in one day, with the weather co-operating, it was a pleasant ride of just over 185 km.  This is the 5th bike I have owned in my lifetime and the biggest at 1600 cc. Looking forward to putting many km/mi. on it this summer.

Pat scooted off ahead to snap the pics of me coming up the driveway. Got her all tucked into the new shelter. Notice the treble clef on the fender, Chris is a musician. 

Thanks for stopping in, hope all of my followers are doing well. Thanks for your comments, until the next time, take care and be safe.