Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Two For One

Where Are We Today
Elephant Butte State Park
Elephant Butte New Mexico
Lions Beach Loop "B" Site 75
Two For One

Good Morning from EBSP
Our drive yesterday from Saragosa, Tx. Rest area to EBSP was a pleasant one, bright sunshine and little traffic. The route continued on I-10 until just north of El Paso to Hwy 25, north to our present location. Climbing to almost 4700 ft. above sea level, we again enjoy the open country, cuts through the rock of the foot hills and mountains in the distance.
Thru the cuts in the rock. I-10

Entering New Mexico
Arriving, we took a drive to Lions Beach Loop "B" and found an open site, which we grabbed, and then cancelled our reservation in the Quail Run section. We prefer where we are over all the rest. Loop "B" is the only section that you can't make a reservation for, it is "first come first serve. The host told us that is to change next year and will be by reservation only, like the sites in the rest of the park. All set up around 2 p.m.
All setup on site 75
Today we woke to clear skies before the sun was up and Pat was out the door for her morning walk. I had my first brew of coffee for the day and read blogs. Once that was completed, washed and dressed, out the door I went. Today I wanted to empty the basement storage area, vacuum it out and do some re-organizing. I have an idea for getting rid of a couple of the rubber maid bins, so I wanted to test out my theory. When we get to Pilot Knob, I will try to make the changes. While doing this, I found that the track for the sliding doors down there was loose, so repaired that before putting items back in.

Basement emptied out

All clean and putting things back in

Test a switch I added to the water pump
The rest of the day, was a puttering around kind of day, playing with the satellite dish and getting out our string of solar lights and one  other solar light.
That's about it from me today, be sure to keep reading Patsy's blog for a more in depth read of our day. Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to any comments you wish to leave. As I type this the winds have picked up and gusting to 25 mph. Until the next time, take and stay safe.
Prayers and hugs to you George and Suzie.
Our first Road Runner of the Year beep-beep


Sunday, November 17, 2019

Travel Day 11-17-2019

Where Are We Today
Rest Area Saragosa Texas

Tonight we are at this rest area , exit 212 off I-10, at the bottom of the exit ramp.

This has been a great travel day, leaving the Sam's Club parking lot just before 8 a.m., we were on I-10 within 5 minutes, rolling through the rest of the San Antonia construction. Being Sunday, there were only a couple of workers out moving pylons, probably for tomorrow. Even with this being major road work to I-10, the travel areas of it are fairly smooth, in fact, I would rate the days travel as being an 8 out if 10 for an average.
Construction at San Antonio

Our 347 mile route through this part of Texas sees a lot of open country and change in elevation, climbing from 600 ft. to over 3300 ft., with speed limits starting at 60 mph., then to 75 mph and finally topping out at 80 mph. We of course,  cruise along at 65 mph., that's plenty fast enough for our likening.
Up and down thru the cuts in the rock
The scenery is breath taking, as you look out over the open landscape, with the foothills rising to the mountains we will see tomorrow and the first glimpse of cactus. This is the southwest that we come to enjoy each winter.
What a view!

Thanks for stopping by, check in with
Patsy for an in depth look of our day. Until the next time, take care and be safe.
Prayers and hugs to you, George and Suzie.