Thursday, July 28, 2022

Time Going By

Where Are We Today
'The Ridge'

Here we are, almost the end of July, half the summer gone! Followers are kept up to date of our daily life by “Patsy IS Chillin”, and we are happy that you tune in each day.

Speaking of the summer being half gone, you will notice on my side bar that I have added a count down timer as to when we head south, that time will be here before we know it. We are looking forward to our time in Arizona this year, especially in Quartzsite. Planning as started, although the definite route there and back isn’t carved in stone, but some thought about it is taking place.

This bathroom was one of our jobs, new tub, toilet, vanity, tile the tub walls and new tile floor.

Gazebo at my brother-in-laws, not finished yet.
Work is going well this year, different in some ways, not quite as busy and more inside jobs than outside. Today for example, I didn’t work, the steel for the roof of the gazebo we are building for my brother-in-law didn’t come in.

So having the day off as allowed me to get the grass cut. Some of the property is wet and can’t be cut, although I push to cut some of those areas. Today was one of those days and it can get me into some mucky situations. There is an area at the bottom of the back field that edges the pond, which I try and cut as much as possible. Do I need to, no not really, but it could be a nice area and give a better view of the pond?

Chain hooked up and starting to pull.

So today was one of those days that I was pushing my luck and lost, I got the mower stuck. Now I can be resource full at times and this was one of those times. A walk back to the shed to get a length of chain, rope and the come along was needed. It didn’t take long and I had it out knowing that I can’t cut back so far. Oh one more thing, Pat was at work and doesn’t know I got stuck, so do me a favor and don’t tell her, I’ll never hear the end of it, you see it isn’t the first time and it probably won’t be the last.

Very wet and mucky.
Remember, don't tell Pat

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