Saturday, June 27, 2020

Change of Pace

Where Are We Today
The Ridge
It has been almost a month since my last post, though I know you have been keeping up to date through Patsy
This summer is sure different for me, instead of working down in London for CanAm Rv, I am working for our friend, Mike, who has a renovation construction company. For just over four weeks now, I have been with 3 or 4 others, working on a reno of the outside of an old house in Walkerton, Ontario. We have rebuilt a second story deck, added new vinyl siding, most of the soffit and some of the fascia is done and almost finished. We have also torn down an old garage which will be rebuilt. 
Rebuilding Second Storey Deck
I have had my hand in a little bit of everything, cutting material, putting on siding, erecting and tearing down scaffolding and any other thing to be helpful.
I got up to the top of the second level

Yes that's me

Bill, one of the guys I work with
 Apparently, they are able to teach this old dog what needs to be done and I am enjoying the work. I will admit that it’s more physical and most days I am wore out and stiff when I get home, but feel a sense of accomplishment. 
The other side of the house

This is short and sweet, thanks for stopping by, until the next time, stay safe and healthy.


Monday, June 1, 2020

May Update

 Where Are We Today
Since my last post, many of you know what the goings on here at the Ridge are, as you follow Patsy’s blog daily. As informative as Patsy’s posts are, she does leave some details of my doing, for me to post.

Outer Tips Covered

Wing completely covered
I have continued to work on my model, the wing has been skinned now and work started on the fuselage. I have not said what kind of plane it is that I am building, but a couple of followers have. For any airplane enthusiast, one look at the gull wing and you would know that it is a WWII fighter, the F4U Corsair.

Working on top half of fuselage

Top half of fuselage
For some time now, I have wanted to get a new laptop, as my 9-year-old one has stopped working in some areas. I am happy to say that a new HP laptop has been purchased and with only a couple of frustrating set up glitches, I am up and running, this post is being written on it.
New on the left, old on the right

New on the left, old on the right
 On another good note, the truck is fixed, except we are waiting on a new back-up camera, the original took quite a jar when the trailer pin box landed on the tail gate.

Black Beauty ready to come home
The latest news from me is that I have started a part time job with a friend and local contractor doing what ever I can to help out at the job site, so far it has been clean-up, dismantling and cutting and handling materials. I have found some un-used muscles, but I’m enjoying what I do and learning some things at the same time.
 This week we will get a date to get the trailer in for the repairs to the cap, where it cracked after hitting the box sides of the truck. It will be in the shop for three to four days, so Rob and Pat have offered to bring their trailer here to the Ridge for us to stay in while ours is being fixed.
The grass is growing and the cutting and trimming has begun. The buds are turning into leaves and the trees are filling out, there are many birds and chipmunks entertaining us daily, life is good here at “the Ridge”.
Thanks for dropping by, always great to hear your comments. Until the next time, be safe and take care.