Saturday, June 27, 2020

Change of Pace

Where Are We Today
The Ridge
It has been almost a month since my last post, though I know you have been keeping up to date through Patsy
This summer is sure different for me, instead of working down in London for CanAm Rv, I am working for our friend, Mike, who has a renovation construction company. For just over four weeks now, I have been with 3 or 4 others, working on a reno of the outside of an old house in Walkerton, Ontario. We have rebuilt a second story deck, added new vinyl siding, most of the soffit and some of the fascia is done and almost finished. We have also torn down an old garage which will be rebuilt. 
Rebuilding Second Storey Deck
I have had my hand in a little bit of everything, cutting material, putting on siding, erecting and tearing down scaffolding and any other thing to be helpful.
I got up to the top of the second level

Yes that's me

Bill, one of the guys I work with
 Apparently, they are able to teach this old dog what needs to be done and I am enjoying the work. I will admit that it’s more physical and most days I am wore out and stiff when I get home, but feel a sense of accomplishment. 
The other side of the house

This is short and sweet, thanks for stopping by, until the next time, stay safe and healthy.



  1. It's just so cool you can keep busy, make a little money and learn new stuff. Handy men are SO handy to have around!!

    1. It is cool Nancy, keeping busy, earning some cash and learning new stuff, also being handy for myself.

  2. Glad you are keeping Safe while earning that sense of accomplishment as you learn new things.
    You might consider wearing a Hard Hat rather then paying a Fine from the Ministry.
    Lots of the traditional jobs are still closed around here.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Keeping safe is always on my mind, especially at my age. I do enjoy the sense of accomplishment and learning new things.

  3. Wow what a beautiful house that's being redone! Nice that you are learning new things and keep busy and get some$$ for it. The new tool belt Patsy showcased certainly looks good and should be easier on you!

    1. Yes the house is nice, but needs major work on the inside. The owner rents it out as two separate apartments. This week will be the first time using my new tool belt, sure hoping it makes a big difference to the strain on my lower back.

  4. Great exercise to stay young. Take it easy and enjoy.