Monday, July 27, 2020

Work and Ridge Projects

Where Are We Today

Chillin with Patsy has been keeping you up to date on the comings and goings here at the “Ridge”, along with her working at the “Mat and Graceland 2”.
I to have been busy, as Patsy as eluded to each day, I go off to work. If I didn’t mention in my last post, I am working for a friend, Mike’s home Improvements, doing siding, decks and some dry walling. Our work takes place here in Mid-Western Ontario, in the small towns and villages.
The following pictures are some of the jobs we have done or still working on.

This deck we put on the back of a house in the town of Mt. Forest

Starting of the new deck
Beams in place for the new deck

Deck boards on

Railing up

Gate installed

Of course, someone had to go for a swim.

While you are in there, will you get the baluster that rolled in and sunk to the bottom.

I have also been working on a couple of projects here at the “Ridge”, one was to install a piece of vinyl flooring in my cargo trailer and the second was to have a load of “A” gravel dumped and spread in front of the “Hangar and cargo trailer.

Waiting for glue to set up before laying the back half.

Front half laid

Finished and the planes back in.

Here comes my load of gravel

Starting to dump

Now for the hard part

Getting there

Here we are at the end of July, one of the hottest summers in a long time. This part of Ontario is in phase 3 of the covid pandemic reopening. For our American readers, this is where the Ontario government has said that businesses can reopen and under what guide lines. The counties have set guides lines also, mainly the wearing of a mask or face shield when you go into a business. We will remain in phase 3 until a vaccine is developed, unless we have another outbreak.

For those following the Corsair build, I have got a little more done on the fuselage

Bottom stringers .

Hope you are all doing well, thanks for dropping in and until the next time take care, stay safe and healthy. 



  1. That is a ton of work moving that gravel by hand. You are tough, Bill!!! Great deck. I would have accidentally fallen in the pool!!!

    1. Thanks Nancy, as Pat says, I'm stubborn when it comes to moving the gravel. It 's almost done, will post more pics when it is completed. The deck is one of the nicest ones we have done. I really did feel like jumping in, the owners told we could anytime we wanted.

  2. Definitely keeping yourself busy. Don't overdo it in the Heat.
    Looking forward to the finished results.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Definitely keeping busy but being cautious in the heat.

  3. A little less gravel and a little more Corsair,please.

    1. I'll see what I can do. The less gravel part for sure.

  4. Love the gravel, looks so nice and clean! I bet it was tempting to jump in the pool! Love all the decking pictures! I hope you're enjoying this work as much as you enjoyed the trailer work, you certainly were good at that job! You really helped us out with the Mansion!

    1. Yes the gravel is nice and clean. It was tempting to jump in the pool.I like the decks also. I am enjoying this work and learning new things as well. Thanks for the compliment and I am glad that I was able to help you out with the Mansion.