Friday, July 25, 2014


The Guys Weekend
Really it is the Sisters weekend, Pat and her sisters and their mom get together for a weekend in July every year.  A few years back the husbands or brother-in-laws decided we would get together here at the acreage at the same time. It is usually four out of the six brother-in-laws that partake, but that's ok. We don't have an agenda so we do as we like, some of the time as a group and some of the time by our self.  Either way it is a good time.

We arrived Thursday night around 9 p.m. and got set up then spent some time around the camp fire. Friday morning,  three of the sisters, Pat, Donna and Audrey headed off to Gayle's, near Chatsworth, to meet up with Gayle, Cathy and Wendy.
Tom setting up his throw
The guys, Gerry, John, Tom and myself headed into Durham to get a few things. A stop at the LCBO, the grocery store, Home Hardware and fill the truck up with fuel. Back to the acreage to relax, We even got a game of horse shoes in.
Saturday brought more of the same. Late in the afternoon Tom decided that he wanted to go back into Durham and look around and then take us out for supper for fish and chips, so off we went. Great supper at a small place on the main street. We all had the fish and chips. The fish was Basa, always wanted to try it since reading about our friends Suzie and George eating it, very tasty. That evening was more relaxing around the fire.
Sunday morning we decided to go to Durham for breakfast then head over to Donna and Gerry's new piece of property and clear the lane way so we could drive all the way in.

Here we are at the new property. Lots of over growth to clear.
Deciding how to go about it.
Tom getting started at the entrance.
John hitting the heavy stuff with the chain saw.

Finally we could drive all the way in. Less then two hours to get through 600 feet of lane way.

Time to head back and relax the afternoon away. When supper time came, we all had a feast of BBQ ribs, ( thanks for recipe George, yummy). The rain started and kept up all night. I retired early. Monday morning brought cold temps of 12 degrees and very windy. When our wives return we will pack up and head for home only to return next weekend for a family get together.

Until the next time, take care and thanks for stopping by.
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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sunday morning arrived with fog but before long it started to clear and bring broken cloud cover. After a brief pilots meeting planes started taking to the sky. I am going to let the pictures tell the story, after all a picture is worth a thousand words.
Snowbird #7
Canadair 109 Taking off
Setting up to land


RCMP Officer Dudley Dumore

Candy drop

Picking it up

You tell me, real or model.

Well that was it for us, time to pack up and head for home. It was a great weekend. Until the next time, take care and thanks for stopping by.

                          The first day didn't turn out the best, it rained and rained and rained. Finally it stopped enough that some flew.
Low pass

Fly By


Taxiing in

Come 5  o'clock we headed up to the airport office to have the pilot draw. As always there were some nice gifts. When my name got called I headed up to pick my prize. There were a couple of nice tote bags, so I picked one that Pat could use for her camera. After that we headed to the T-Bone restaurant for a great dinner, with 36 registered pilots and some with their wives, we totaled 55 sitting down to dinner. Great food and conversation was had by all, a thoroughly enjoyable evening. With that over Pat and I headed back to the airport for a relaxing evening and night in our 5th wheel.

Until the next time, take care.

Saturday, July 19, 2014


We are at the Chatham - Kent Airport taking part in the Chatham Aeronauts Scale Rally. This is a two day event in flying Radio Control Aircraft. I like to come down early on the Friday to get set up. This is a weekend of dry camping out on the edge of the field down from the end of the runway. we arrived around 12:30 after a little over an hour drive from home, signed in and got set up.

All set up at the edge of the field at the Chatham Kent Airport

It was a breezy afternoon with mostly clear skies.  there were a few other fliers here getting set up and so some were already flying. So I took a walk down the flight line to see who was here.

Here is Carl from Wisconsin with a Canadian DC3

Coming in for a landing

Great flying on a Friday afternoon before he event actually gets started on Saturday. I even got some flying in Saturday night.

In the air
It was great to get that first flight in.
That was it for Friday, looking forward to tomorrow. Until then, take care.

Saturday, July 12, 2014



Here we are at Rock Glen Family Resort, our home park. This is the first time we have camped here since we bought our membership  in late May. We have a nice site on the edge of the square at lot #83. It is on a bit of a slant, so to level the trailer the front end is almost touching the ground.

Rock Glen Site #83

This morning our good fellow blogger spent a couple of hours with me, showing me how to get creative doing blogs, thanks again George,  lets see how much I can remember.

After lunch and a quick power nap, Pat talked me into going for a swim in the pool. The water was refreshing, a little cool getting in  but felt great once there. After an hour of dipping and basking in the water and sun we headed back to our site.
Pat taking a dip

Happy hour plus some minutes started at 3:30 pm. George and Suzie came over and brought along another couple, Richard and Marylou. Great to meet another couple and chat about our lives and adventures. Before you knew it, it was time to start supper. So as our friend George says, time to fire up the Weber Q. Steak, spuds and corn was on the menu tonight.

After supper and the dishes done, we went for a walk to check out another trailer like ours( a Jayco  Designer) that Pat had spotted earlier on a walk. This one is a 38 ft, Designer with 4 slides. It belongs to Chris and Bob from Brantford. Chris took us inside and showed us the layout. Very nice, it had a wall with glass sliding doors between the kitchen and living room area. We thanked them for the tour and headed home. Not long after we got back to our site, Bob came by and asked us to join them around their camp fire, so off we went for a nice evening getting to know them and what they do. Like us they are not retired yet but like to travel. The rain started a little after 10 pm so we headed back to our site for the night.

Well that's about it for another day, until the next time, take care.