Saturday, July 19, 2014


We are at the Chatham - Kent Airport taking part in the Chatham Aeronauts Scale Rally. This is a two day event in flying Radio Control Aircraft. I like to come down early on the Friday to get set up. This is a weekend of dry camping out on the edge of the field down from the end of the runway. we arrived around 12:30 after a little over an hour drive from home, signed in and got set up.

All set up at the edge of the field at the Chatham Kent Airport

It was a breezy afternoon with mostly clear skies.  there were a few other fliers here getting set up and so some were already flying. So I took a walk down the flight line to see who was here.

Here is Carl from Wisconsin with a Canadian DC3

Coming in for a landing

Great flying on a Friday afternoon before he event actually gets started on Saturday. I even got some flying in Saturday night.

In the air
It was great to get that first flight in.
That was it for Friday, looking forward to tomorrow. Until then, take care.


  1. Sure is George, whether I fly or not, I always enjoy myself at this event. Lots of airplane s and good people to chat with.