Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Washing Black Beauty and the Beast

Where Are We Today 

Tres Rios RV Park
Glen Rose Tx
As documented in Patsy's blog,here, we are on a slow trek back home. We started out with one night on the road and then five nights in beautiful Elephant Butte State Park.
Elephant Butte State Park

With another two nights at Coleman RV Park in Brownfield Texas, then to our present location. We will have been here for two weeks when we depart Saturday morning, March 23rd/19.

Small RV park in Brownfield Tx,

Tres Rios in Glen Rose Tx.

We have enjoyed our first time here, exploring the park, the City of Glen Rose, Granbury and Dublin, where Dr. Pepper was once bottled, I am sure we will come back.
So, the real reason for this little blurb, is that I noticed on Patsy's side bar, that my blog was getting down near the bottom. I thought I better write something to keep myself in good status.
Tackling a couple of jobs, first washing and waxing " Black Beauty " and then the  "Beast"." Black Beauty "( our truck ) has been washed a couple of times, but not waxed, so after a trip into Granbury to the do it yourself car wash, it was back to the park and do a good wax job.
Black Beauty sure shines, need to work on the running boards

Patsy likes to take pics of me working

Next was the washing of the "Beast" ( our trailer), at this park, if you want to wash your trailer, there is a $10.00 fee, which I happily paid. The trailer hasn't been washed since last summer and it was sure dirty, especially the bottom half, from all the traveling we have done since leaving home. When we purchased the trailer, there was a protective coating put on, so you don't need to wax it, it shines just like the day we bought.

The suite sure looks clean and shiny now too

Yes I know it will get dirty again on the way home, that's ok, I still like it to look nice when I can. Arizona has very hard water which will leave the trailer spotty when you wash, unless you can dry it as you go, it is not a nice job. There are RV  companies that will come into parks and wash your rig for you using filtered water so it doesn't leave spots, at $60.00 and up.
Texas water here at this park is not hard, so starting at the front and down the left side while those areas were in the shade, I washed and dried as I went. Took a break until the sun moved and then did the back and right side, so much better.
There you have it, this should put my blog back near the top of side bars for awhile. When we are back home, I will write more as we have some projects, two on the go, "the Hangar" and my "Stinson Reliant" repair and a couple of new ones. So I hope you will stay tuned for those.
At the gate entering into the park

Thanks for reading, love to hear from you if you wish to comment, until the next time take care and safe travels to all making their way home.