Friday, December 31, 2021

Last One This Year

Where Are We Today 

First off, let me wish all my readers Happy New Year and all the best for the coming year. Pat and I are grateful for all the family, friends, blog followers and many blessings that we have had this past year.

Pat’s blog, “Chillin with Patsy“ Here keeps  you all up to date with our daily adventures and I am grateful that she takes the time each day to write and record for our memories.

I haven’t been too busy with projects since coming south but here are a couple that I have done while here at Pilot Knob RV Resort. First, I installed two pieces of aluminum angle iron vertically on one side of our pull-out tray in the storage area of the trailer. This to help support the items that I stand on edge for travelling. 

Brackets for supporting stand up items

 Second, was to repair a break in the fender skirt on the living room slide. Last summer when we rushed to close up the trailer during a storm with tornado warnings, I forgot that Pat’s wagon was under there and it got caught, fortunately, I saw it before it did a lot of damage. To repair it I attached a piece of 1 x 1/8 aluminum over top to hold the break together, this stiffened up the fender skirt good as new.

1 x 1/8 aluminum strip to repair break

Something else I have done while here is to order hobby items from U.S. suppliers and have them shipped to me here. Some are for an upcoming model and some for ones I already have. They include landing gear, led lights and some electronic parts.

Purchases, landing gear in box, batteries, electronic parts

A model I would like to build is that of an Aeronca Sedan AC-15, N1156H, the one used for an Endurance Flight in Yuma Arizona, it is called “City of Yuma”. The airplane now sits on a pedestal inside the City Hall. Pat gave me a book for Christmas titled, “The Longest Flight”, written sixty years after it’s endurance flight in 1949. It tells of that flight, what happened to it after. At the end of the book, City of Yuma was in storage waiting for a permanent location, finally in 2012 it found that location in the Yuma City Hall.

A great read for the aviation enthusiast

City of Yuma

Well, that’s a wrap for this year, thank you to all who took the time to stop by and read my ramblings, it is appreciated. Until next year, take care, stay safe and healthy.


Friday, November 19, 2021

On The Road Nov. 2021

Where Are We Today 
Glen Rose, Texas

Here we are almost two weeks on the road since we left home and it has been a good trip so far with only one minor hiccough. When we arrived at Eagles Landing RV Resort in Grove Oklahoma, we had a problem with our front landing gear. When I put them down, they went as far as touching the ground but would not raise the trailer off the hitch. When I tried to raise them back up, they wouldn’t move, hmm!

Opening up the compartment where the pump and valves are located, I couldn’t see anything out of place. Not sure what we were going to do, Pat suggested that I put a call into our RV dealer, CanAM, back home. After connecting with Peggy, our service rep and explaining the problem, she connected me with Andy, one of the owners. He told me of two possibilities that could cause the problem and the solution to fix it.

You can see the wire that came off. The tape was wrapped around both, that's why I couldn't see it at first.

On a side note, CanAm has been awarded 2021 Canadian RV Dealer of The Year by Life Style Magazine, we are proud to be associated  with this dealership. Here

After the call, I started to investigate the switch and then the valve that operates the front jacks. Eliminating the switch, I turned my attention to the valve. Removing some electrical tape that covered the two electrical wires that supply power to the valve, I discovered one was off. Could it be that simple, sure enough, when I put the wire back on, the jacks worked as should, thanks Andy.

When we reached Tres Rios RV Resort in Glen Rose Texas, I needed to clean the burner of our BBQ, one of the jobs that should have been done before we left home. Using a tool bit from my Dremel tool, I was able to open up the clog with grease holes in the burner. Now with even blue flame all around the burner it cooks so much better.

Holes filled with grease

All cleaned out

Before we left home, I had purchased a weather station, which needed to be put together. Here was a great place to do that and set it up. My old one gave inside and out temperature, wind speed and humidity, the new one will do all of that plus wind direction, rainfall and barometric pressure. So far, I have had it sitting on the picnic table but will do a more permanent mounting when we reach our destination.

New Weather S


All together sitting outside

In a couple of more days, we will be at our first stop in Arizona for a week, then eventually onto Pilot Knob RV Resort in Winterhaven California. As of January 7th, 2022, we will be in Quartzsite, LTVA La Posa South, until the end of the month. Here we hope to meet up with our RV friends who we haven’t seen in a couple of years, and anyone else who wants to join in. We will be back passed the dump and water stations, where we were last time. Looking forward to meeting up here with Nancy K, Tom & Deb, Doug, Ken & Shirley and anyone that wants to join our circle. Of course, if we meet before, that would be great also. After that we will be moving into a camp ground in Quartzsite for the month of February.

Wrapping up for now, thanks for stopping by. Until the next time, take care and stay safe.


Our Route To date

Friday, November 5, 2021

Wrap Up

Where Are We Today
The Ridge, Priceville Ontario

Our journey south for the winter of 2021/22 is about to begin, after having to spend a winter here in Ontario, we are excited and so looking forward to getting back to Arizona.

Walls going up

I finally stopped working on Oct. 29th, a whole month later than originally planned. We had started building a new shed, 30 ft x 50 ft back in September. A structure with 14 ft. high walls and then the 6/12 pitch roof. The walls were built in sections and then raised with a fork lift into position. The roof was built on the ground in two sections and then lifted into place by a crane. Next the roof was covered with steel and then the same for the walls and finally the gable ends.

All the walls up and braced

First half of roof built in on the cement floor.

Second half built outside on the ground

First half being lifted up in place

Second half being lifted into place

An hour and a half later

Steel going on. That's me in the lift.

As “Chillin with Patsy “has reported that we have been putting away and closing up “The Ridge” for a couple of weeks now with just a few items to take care of this week. The closing up of my “Hangar” and cargo trailer after getting two planes ready to take south with us, covering a plant, taking down the flag pole and putting away the recycle bins. Finally, today, Friday, November 5, 2021, we packed the last of the items in the storage compartment of the trailer and the items that ride in the back of the truck.

Roof steel all on.

Although these tasks went smoothly, the week wasn’t without some anxiety and concern over our Black Beauty. I took her into our mechanic for an oil change on Monday, they gave the truck a going over knowing that we were about to head out on our trip south. They found that the front brake pads although still safe were getting to the point that they may have to be changed before coming home. I wasn’t surprised knowing the kms. on them, so said to go ahead and change them.  They also found oil leaking from behind the vacuum pump so we had that changed as they have to tear so much apart to get at and also replace the original drive belt as it was getting worn and covered in oil from the leak. All that done and had her back home on Tuesday. Wednesday morning went out, started her up and the check engine light came on, back to the shop where they found that heater in the tank for the DEF fluid wasn’t working, of course this is the first cold morning of the season. Being swamped they said to leave it and they would have it ready for the end of the week, keeping their promise, we had it back by 11 this morning, a heavy sigh of relieve and smiles all around.

Windows are in and the wall steel going on.

Getting our last propane tank refill in town, giving Black Beauty a much needed wash and fill up with fuel we are ready to hook up in the morning and leave “The Ridge”. The first stretch of our journey will be short, just about a 45-minute drive down to the town of Alma, Ontario to the Alma Community Centre where my daughter Krystal and soon to be son-in-law Matt will be having their wedding reception. We have permission to stay in the parking lot overnight and leave from there Sunday morning. From there we will travel to CanAm RV in London to park in their lot overnight Sunday and leave early Monday morning to cross the border at Sarnia.

That’s the plan anyways, you know how Jello jiggles, stay tune to see how it all turns out. Of course, you will probably read all about it first in Patsy's post.

Gable steel on the south end

Thanks for stopping by, until the next time, take care and stay safe.


The north end gable steel and it's all done.

Saturday, August 21, 2021

For "The Furry Gnome" Part Two

Where Are We Today
"The Ridge"
Priceville Ontario

As promised, here is the story on another project. I actually started this last summer. With no potable water supply here, we get our water from the landlord’s other property, a short distance away. I have always wanted a way to wash vehicles and water the gardens without having to get water from the landlord using the 45-gallon water bladder. Needless to say, we have a pond, so last summer I bought a pump and that’s as far as I got.

Pump, Tank and Pressure Gauge

This year, come drought or high water, I was going to get this working. Deciding where to put the pump came down to two choices, one, beside the Bunkie and two, beside the Hangar. The pond, where there is significant water level, is about 300 feet away with a rise of about 10 feet over that distance. The pump can draw 25 feet straight up, but can it draw 300 feet with a rise of 10 feet, I wasn’t sure.

Priming the pump

I bought 300 feet of 1 ¼ inch black poly pipe along with another 30 feet I had here with a check valve and laid it out along the driveway and up to the pump beside the Bunkie. The next step was to prime the line with water from the water bladder. After a couple of times thinking that the line was primed, I figured out that there is a lot of air in 330 feet of pipe. After removing the check valve to let the air escape, the line filled with water and success, we had water.

We Have Water

Satisfied that this is going to work, I built a stand for the pump and top to cover it. Installing a couple of valves for hoses and a new GFI receptacle, we are in business. 

Pump in it's shelter with a couple of valves for hoses

Conduit with new wiring for receptacle

GFI Receptacle and pump plugged in

The pipe will lay on top of the ground along side the driveway, corral and Pat’s Garden. There are three short sections where I have buried it just below the surface so we can cut grass without fear of cutting it.

Line along the corral and laneway

Along the garden and down the corral

 In the fall, I will have to drain it so it doesn’t freeze and then in the spring, prime the line again. All this, I have remembered from helping/watching my dad do this for water at the family cottage.
Loosening the gravel

Making the trench to put the pipe in.
We even found some good garden hoses and hose reel on one of the auctions we follow. Patsy will be able to water her gardens without lugging many watering cans of water and I will be able to wash vehicles and the trailer.

There’s another project in the books, thanks for stopping by. Until the next time, take care and be safe. Comments are always welcome.

Thursday, August 12, 2021

For " The Furry Gnome" Part One

Where Are We Today
"The Ridge"

We had a nice visit yesterday from fellow blogger “The Furry Gnome “and Mrs. F.G., which during our conversation, he said I need to blog more. I have to agree with him so here is a start at catching up.

Here is the space between the deck and trailer with the last deck board folded up.

Awhile back, Patsy in one of her posts, reported on the porch and steps that we built for entering and exiting the Suite. There was one thing that she could not comment on, which led to followers asking how I was going to move it when we leave or return.

This end section will flip up separately from the rest of the deck board because of the furnace exhaust being there, the board would catch fire if it was not flipped up while the furnace is running. 

Here is that same board notched out to fit around the post.

The plan is not to have to move the steps. When I built it, the last deck board put on, was hinged to the edge that would butt against the trailer. When we leave, that board will be flipped up to leave a 6-inch space between the deck and the trailer. With the slides in, hand rail folded in I should be able to drive straight ahead and clear the deck before having to turn. When returning, I always put the trailer in the same spot, although I will admit, it will up the level of my backing skills a little. I am confident that I can do it. If I need to shift the deck slightly, I can move it.

Sneak preview of the next project.
There you have it for this post, I have another project almost completed, so stay tune for that one. Thanks for reading, comments are always welcome. Until the next time take care.

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

New Toy

Where Are We Today
The Ridge, Priceville Ontario

Finally, my new toy is home, new to me anyways. Last fall while attending a family BBQ at our daughters, her partner, Chris, said he was selling his motorcycle, a 2003 Yamaha Road Star, Silverado. He got it out, started and I took it for a short ride. I haven’t had a bike since 2012, but it has always been tucked away in the back corner of my mind that maybe someday I might have another. Chris told me how much he wanted for it, which I was agreeable to, l said that I wanted to check out insurance rates before making a final decision.  After doing so, a payment method was established and Chris would store the bike until the spring.

Getting ready to leave Bridgette and Chris's

Today was the day, a trip down to Woodstock, Ontario was made, picked up the paper work from Bridgette, (Chris was at work) headed to the registration office to transfer ownership, get a temporary plate so I could drive it to a bike shop near home to get the safety certificate, then to the registration office to get a permanent license plate.

Pat followed me to the bike shop in Hanover and then to Durham to the License  Office, taking the pictures.

Fortunate that we could get it all done in one day, with the weather co-operating, it was a pleasant ride of just over 185 km.  This is the 5th bike I have owned in my lifetime and the biggest at 1600 cc. Looking forward to putting many km/mi. on it this summer.

Pat scooted off ahead to snap the pics of me coming up the driveway. Got her all tucked into the new shelter. Notice the treble clef on the fender, Chris is a musician. 

Thanks for stopping in, hope all of my followers are doing well. Thanks for your comments, until the next time, take care and be safe.

Sunday, April 11, 2021

Spring and Projects

Where Are We Today

"The Ridge" Priceville, Ontario

Spring has sprung at “The Ridge “with the new projects that come along with it each year. Most of you read Pat’s blog, Chillin with Patsy, and know that she has been busy with the gardens and raking. She has also started going through our belongings to thin out those items we no longer use.

As for myself, at work we are on to another job, redoing a kitchen in a farm house. At home, I have a few on the go, each one connected and dependent on another to complete.

This colt was born March 30th.

Baby and mom.

These two are a year old.

All these horses are harness racing horses.

The first thing we did was to get in a load of gravel, half of it dumped next to our storage shed and the other half dumped down next to my “Hangar”. Next to the storage shed we erected a Shelter Logic shed, this is a seasonal structure that will have the covering taken off this fall, leaving the frame set up for the winter.

Gravel spread next to the storage shed.

 This is where the first connection comes in to play. The riding lawn mower from the storage shed, the winter tires for the car, Pat’s garden wagon and our new toy will be kept in here. More on the new toy when we get it. With the storage shed empty of some of those items, I now have room to put in the tool box that I bought last fall and a table saw bought earlier this year. There will be some thinning out of other items in here also.

Reading the instructions

The second connection is to the “Hangar”, that is where the tool box was stored over the winter. With it now moved, I can get back to working on airplanes.

Almost done

Now to organize what goes inside

We have more projects that we want to do, but you will just have to wait until we get them done. This is a short post, trying to keep my hand in writing them, also one of Pat’s followers is asking for pictures of the new shed. Jackie, hope it was worth the wait.

Hope you are all well, safe and surviving all this Covid world that we are living in. Take care until the next time, your comments are always welcome.