Saturday, August 15, 2015


This past week we were on our annual trip to Silver Creek RV Resort in Silver Lake Mi. Here we meet our good friends Ken & Nancy from Illinois and spend the time together.

Toasting to friendship and a great week.
When we got together last June to do the factory tour of where our trailer was made, we did a tour of one they were looking at. They surprised us by showing up with a new trailer. We are so happy for them.

Their new Trailer

Side by side
The week is never really planned, but there are somethings we tend to do each year. We like to go to one of the local wineries to purchase some wine, which usually means a drive thru Pentwater, a small touristy town not far from where we are camping. Or drive up to Ludington to see what's new there. This year we went for a tour thru a dairy farm to see its production of milk and cheese from start to finish.

Getting our feet wet at the beach in Ludington

Beautiful day, us on the beach

Ken & Nancy
Of coarse there is just relaxing, swimming in the pool, biking or playing with one of our latest toys. One of my toys is a quad copter, still learning how to control it.

Flying the quad copter

Going to Moo School

Start of the tour

Are we ready

Our Guide

Heifers feeding 

All are tagged

Young calves feeding


and her new born, 2 days old

The Dairy Farm


Putting a bell on Pat's bike

Pat relaxing

Hey dad, can I use your laptop to read my e.mails

We also met another couple from Illinois, Cheryl and Randy. They have a brand 2016 Mobile Suite, so we toured each others and compared the differences. Hope to meet up with them again someday.All in all it was a great week and we have booked our week for next year.

Thanks for stopping by, until the next time , take care.

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