Monday, July 27, 2015


Since my last post we bought a peddle boat to use at "The Ridge" on the pond, it works well and should be a lot of fun.
Clemson & I trying it out
July the 24th took us back up to Durham for Pat's sisters weekend and Guys weekend. While Pat headed off to one of the sister's place in Chatsworth, where they we all staying, I got the trailer set up at "the Ridge". The three other brother -in- laws were at "The Acreage" .  I started working on a Dock for the pond and our peddle boat. It was a relaxing weekend, doing what we want, when we want. It was a good time.

Building the Dock
Ready for the Water

Needs Something, let me think about it.

 We headed home Sunday morning as our good friend from Vancouver was coming to visit us for the evening as he was in the area on business. When he arrived we went out for supper and then back to our place to show off our new trailer, he was quite impressed and understands our full time decision. Our visit was to short but always great to see each other when we can and we cherish our time with him.

Colin, Pat & I relaxing in the  trailer.

The next weekend, being the August long weekend, brought us back up to Durham for the family reunion.  Not as many here this year but that's the way it goes sometimes, everybody has busy lives and can't always be there every year.
  Back home on Monday as I had to work and Pat is on holidays. It will be a short week and we will be off for a week together down at Silver Lake MI. with our friends Ken and Nancy.
While that's it for this post, thanks for stopping by. Until the next time, take care.

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