Monday, March 12, 2018

Our Third Leg Home

Where Are We Today
Lucky Star Casino
El Reno, Oklahoma
Yesterday, March 11th, we left Bottomless Lake State Park and travelled to El Reno Oklahoma, a total of 460 miles.
Starting out on Bottomless Lake Rd. to US 383 to Roswell on nice  smooth paved roads that I will rate as 9 out of 10.


Next, we turned east onto US-70E to Portales where we joined up with US-60E. US-70, I am rating as a 7 out of 10, it did have some nice smooth sections but there were rough sections that brought my rating down. US-60 is another story, I rate it at a 6.5 to 7 until it joined I-27N at Canyon.
Now heading north towards Amarillo on US-60E, US-87N and I-27N. The road conditions are improving and I will rate this section as a 7.5 to 8 out of 10.


At Amarillo we entered onto I-40E to I-40BL E/ Rte. 66/ Sunset Dr. onto US-81 arriving at The Lucky Star Casino. This last section of travel, is rated at an 8 out of 10.

Convoy of 6 army vehicles.

This has been a great travel day, cool and windy at times, it was still an easy drive. Would we take this route again, probably not, but never say never. Even though there are low ratings on some of these roads, remember that they are averages. The biggest drawback for us, is that from Roswell to Canyon, there are few places to eat that we could pull into with our rig, and one place to get fuel,  also in this section, there were no rest areas, only one picnic area.
I-40 E in Oklahoma

So, here we sit at the Lucky Star Casino in El Reno OK. until Wednesday when we will head off to our next destination of Grove Ok. Stay tune for road updates to there. Until the next time, take care and be safe. Feel free to comment and I will answer.
Lucky Star Casino, El Reno OK.


  1. That was a good travel day getting some miles behind you.
    Not a lot of rest areas along there though. we have done that route as well.
    Nice that you are settled in against the casino , maybe have some goo luck there.
    Keep travelling safe and enjoying the journey.

    1. Good travel day for sure. It is nice here at the casino and you never know on the luck.

  2. Wow, great travel day. Like you I found the roads from Roswell to Amarillo a bit less than wonderful but again, like you say they are probably about average. I'm not as big as you folks but I find it difficult at times to find places to get off the road as well. However these roads are more 'country' than 'get there fast' roads so I understand the lack of rest areas and the less than easy access for bigger rigs.

    Enjoy your well earned rest!!!

    1. Yes a great travel day and you are right the roads are more country. Will enjoy a couple of days rest and then a shorter drive to our next destination.

  3. You covered a lot of ground good information about the roads but really good to know about the lack of places to stop. Safe travels as you continue on.