Sunday, October 29, 2017

Arches National Park

Where Are We Today 
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Not A Route Post
Today's post is not about our route for today as we did not hook up and move. Instead, today's post is a picture overload of our tour of Arches National Park.
Once again, the pictures don't do it justice, every way you turn or look takes your breath away. I won't bore you with all 150 pictures that I took, but there are quite a few here, so if you skip thru quickly, I'll understand.
Check out Pat's blog for more overload of today's adventure.
Hope you enjoy them, until the next time, take care and be safe. Feel free to leave a comment.

Looking towards Moab

Pat pointing to Balance Rock

Balance Rock

Delicate Arch

Fiery Furnace

Yes I took this pic

Heading for Sand Dune Arch

Yes we were together

Sand Dune Arch, nice beach type sand

Broken Arch

Tunnel Arch

Closer view of Tunnel Arch

Pine Tree Arch

Pat at Pine Tree Arch

Pat at the Pine tree at Pine Tree Arch

These Birds are huge, Ravens I think?

Moab Fault

Visitor Centre



  1. Rock formations are incredble!

  2. What a fun day enjoying the scenery that is amazing, We spent the best part of 2 days exploring the arches, then some very interesting scenic drives around the area, keep having too much fun.

  3. Thanks George, we are off to see another one today.

  4. Great tour of a beautiful place we have yet to visit!