Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Our Route Day Two

Where Are We Today
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Our Route Day Two
Day two 's route is on the map below. We had an uneventful night with rain and some wind, waking up to another cloudy day with rain for most of it. Not the nicest day you want for driving, but we did manage to get to our objective destination for the day.

On the road by 8:00 a.m. we continued across Michigan on Hwy 94, which by the way was a pretty smooth route to travel, I rate it at a 7 out of 10, not like Hwy 69 that we took last year, which I would rate at 3 out of 10.
 Travelling the short distance thru Indiana, we gained an hour as we changed time zones, then into the state of Illinois. We had hope to stay in a state park, but it was wet and way out in the boonies, if we got stuck, who knows how long it would be to get rescued, so we decided to move on.
Heading across Illinois to the town of Geneseo, we were bound for the Geneseo Campground just out of town on Hwy 82. It is a small campground with friendly staff that set us up on a site to accommodate our big rig. Arriving around 4:00 p.m., we were set up in time.
Antique Archaeology

Pat next to their car

Hey that's me

After feeding Clemson his supper, Pat and I were back on the road heading for Le Claire Iowa, home of the American Pickers ( Antique Archaeology) the TV show. We have watched this show for years and being so close wanted to go and see their store. It was only 20 miles down the road, so just a short drive. Mike and Frank, the two pickers were in Minnesota, so did not get to see them. Danielle the gal who looks after the store, was in the Philippines, helping with the disaster relief.

Inside the building below

Here I am again

There's Pat

Barge going down the Mississippi River

Leaving there we found a Bar and Grill right along the Mighty Mississippi River to get a bite to eat before heading back to the campground.
That was our day in a nut shell, thanks for following along, until the next time, take care and be safe. Comments are welcome and I hope I answered the  questions from yesterday.