Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Two Days

Where Are We Today
Van Buren Arkansas

Oct.24,2022 we left Wapakoneta, Ohio around 8:20 a.m. heading south on I-75 heading for Dayton, where we hung a right onto I-70 west. Again I-75 was fairly smooth driving, with a few rough spots, some new pavement and of course construction. In Ohio, I-70 is good driving, but entering Indiana for at least the first 30 miles is the worst I have seen, I am still trying to get my insides back in place. After that we did a smooth swing around Indianapolis using the 465 By-Pass.

Our goal today was a Walmart in Effingham Illinois, but the Jello jiggled, around 12 noon we entered the central time zone which meant we would arrive way too early to stop for the day, so we pressed on. At this time, we decided to change our route some and headed south on State Hwy 57  to the town of Sikeston Missouri, to the Walmart there. This was our longest day yet on the road, 9 hours.  A little shopping at Walmart, dinner at Mongolian restaurant across the street and an early night.

Third Day Points E-F
Next morning, Oct.25th, 2022, (in case anyone is counting, it's 2 months to Christmas) we were up early and on the road by 7:30 a.m. I usually don’t get fuel at “Love’s”, but the price was decent and we would need it soon. Again, our route was different then I would have taken, heading west on State Hwy 60 then onto State Hwy 67, State Hwy 64 and finally I-40 to Van Buren, Arkansas and a Walmart parking lot, 367.9 miles later.

Fourth Day Points F-G
Today’s roads were a combination of 4 and 2 lane roads in good shape. The first 2 hours we drove thru rain, some heavy at times to the point that we could have pulled over if there were wide enough shoulders, but not on this 2-lane highway. We slowed down and pushed thru those times. Eventually the rain stopped, the sun came out and we enjoyed small towns and country side we have not seen before.

Sorry for the blur. We were going thru a town called Dexter when this Dexter Trailer parts truck passed us. The axles on many trailers including ours are Dexter axles.
 We are settled in for the night, blogs written, our route and destination for tomorrow planned.

Thanks for following along, until the time, take care and if you are also on the road, safe travels.


  1. Wow, some big distances behind you. Safe travels.


    1. Thanks Deb, yes we put some miles behind us. I do enjoy the driving. Safe travels to you also.

  2. Great progress so far. Glad the rain stopped and your day went well. Dolly Jo is from Ft Smith.

    1. Yes a few miles have been put behind us with more over the next couple of days.

  3. Yup you are putting some miles behind you!! I don't mind the miles, but my back doth protest!!

  4. Thanx for the maps Bill, appreciate those. Safe travels.