Thursday, October 27, 2022

The Jello Jiggled Again

Where Are We Today
Fire Rock Casino

Church Rock/Gallup New Mexico

Yes, the Jello has Jiggled again, our intended destination for today was supposed to be Elephant Butte New Mexico. Travelling across I-40 towards Albuquerque, a brain wave hit, why don’t we keep going west and we will come the southern route on the way home.

Reflection in my mirror of the Sun rising behind us.
We left Amarillo this morning in the dark at 7:10 a.m., not something that I usually do, but we were thru the city well before any heavy traffic. The road has been fairly smooth all the way, the odd rough spot but there has been many sections of new pavement and work being done in both Texas and New Mexico. We had a slowdown of about 10 minutes in Albuquerque because of an accident, we had some rain with hale for a couple of minutes and a slowdown of about 15 minutes for construction. 

All in all, a pretty good day of 426.8 miles of travelling, reaching elevations over 7000 ft and cool temperatures in the low 40F range. Of course, those two factors play havoc with the fuel mileage, but better travel mileage tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by, check in again to see where we end up tomorrow. You can check out a more detailed account of the day by reading Patsy is Chillin .HERE    Until the next time, take care.

Our route today.



  1. Looks like a week at Laughlin is coming up. Sam C.

  2. Always good to do something different. Safe travels.


  3. We always tried to keep a healthy mix of Jello jiggles in our travels

  4. I love a change of scenery. More interesting to drive different highways.

    1. Yes a change of scenery for this year. We haven't been this way since 2020, so thought we would make the change, will take the southern route home.