Sunday, October 16, 2022

Fall, Where has the Summer Gone

Where Are We Today

“The Ridge”

Priceville Ontario


Here we are, the Middle of October and our last week at the Ridge for this year. Patsy from “patsyischillin” has kept you all update with our daily adventure of life and the fall colours that we are experiencing this year. All but a few last-minute items have been put away for the winter before our departure this coming weekend.

My working schedule has come to an end with many reno’s for happy customers completed.


 This has been a great summer hobby related, with many weekends out at my local flying field, The Saugeen Radio Control Flyers, and starting a new building project. In an earlier post I had mentioned, the building of a Corsair, sorry to say that I lost interest in that project and have passed it on to someone else.

My new project is a Aeronca Sedan, which will be finished as a stand off scale model of “The City of Yuma” an Aeronca Sedan that did a 47 day nonstop endurance flight back in 1949. You can Google it. The aircraft sits high on a pedestal in the city hall of Yuma Arizona.

Here you can see it on it's pedestal, you can also get on the second floor and stand right in front of prop.

Built this box to house the fuel tank and make the front end stronger for mounting the engine, not sure if I am liking this, may make changes.

Cockpit area

Back in the day of Model kit manufacturers, there was a company called Pica that produced a 1/5 stand off scale kit of the Aeronca Sedan. They are no longer in business, but I was able to get a set of the plans from this kit. I then had the plans blown up to ¼ scale and found “Katana Aircraft Models” to cut me a short kit. (A short kit is the formers and ribs, none of the stick or hardware that you would have got from a manufactures kit.)
Tail section, large cut out is for one of the servos

When you buy a manufactured kit, you get all the parts including the stick and hardware along with the plans and a instruction book with step by step instructions.

Scratch building is the way I’m building this model, no instructions. I have never scratch built a model before so I will admit that I will be stumbling through some of the build. Having built several kit models before will definitely help me work through the process. Over the summer, I have made considerable progress on the fuselage, as shown in these pictures. Now that we will be heading to Arizona in a week, the building will have to wait until next spring.

Thanks for stopping by, until the next time, take care. Comments are always welcome.


  1. It’s amazing you can do that with no plans. Can you take it with you to Q? Would be a great place to worn on it. Funny how fast the summer went. Safe travels. See you in the winter.

    1. To big to bring with us, 105 inch wing span. Yes the summer has gone by fast. Looking forward to seeing you then.

  2. Good luck. Wish i had your skill and patience.

  3. I have to agree with Doug! Time certainly does fly by quickly! Your leave date will be here very soon! :)

    1. I have been building airplane kits for more than 40 years. Time is going by quickly, 5 days to go before we leave.

  4. That is so true, this summer went way too fast and we didn't even get to see you. Your new project the Aeronca Sedan looks like a big one and will keep you busy for sure all next year. So I guess some visits to the Yuma city hall will be coming up!

    1. Yes it is a fair size model, 105 inch wing span. I have made several stops at the Yuma City Hall and have taken many pictures. I am sure another trip there will happen this winter.

  5. It will be patiently awaiting your return in the spring leaving you with lots of time to think thru all of those “I wonder if” points and be ready to go when the big wheels stop turning again at The Ridge.
    The days are slipping by quickly, those feelings are in the air, anticipation, excitement, apprehension, sadness. We check and recheck, and then check just once more that all is as it should be. And I usually check one last time on departure day anyway. Haha
    Looking forward to your adventures. Safe travels.


    1. Yes, you are absolutely right, lots of time to to think thru and "wonder if". I may be able to work on some small details over the winter, we'll see. Yes and those check lists items are being checked off one by one multiple times between now and Saturday morning when we depart the "Ridge" . Safe travels to you also.