Thursday, October 13, 2016

Projects and Changes

Where Are We Today
"The Ridge" near Durham, On.

As mentioned in my last post, I said that I had some projects on the go. One of those was, to make a shelf unit for in the basement storage area. We have a lot of open space, so I thought a shelf would help to store smaller items. The following picture is of the finished project.

Shelves with cargo net each side.

A second project was to find away to mount our flag holders to the pin box. On previous trailers the pin box stuck out more then on this trailer. It is too far back to be able to drill holes for mounting the holders.
Fellow blogger and full timer, Rick, from "It's About Time" has a unique holder for theirs, but after asking him where he got it, I discovered that he put his creative talents and skills from his working trade to use and made it.
So, my solution was to purchase a piece of aluminum angle iron from the local automotive supplier and a couple of new flag holders from Home Hardware, put them together and fasten to the front of the pin box. I will try this and see how it holds up over travels this winter.

Both Pat and I had been kicking around the idea of moving our car shelter so we could move where our trailer sits. The reason for moving the trailer is so we can gravel the other side of the corral. This would allow us to drive up that way and back into our spot without making a u-turn coming up the way we do now.
For the two of us to move the car shelter, I separated the legs and carried the bottom half of the legs, which are set in 5 gallon pails filled with rocks to hold it in place. After doing that,  using a couple of ropes, so we could turn it over gently, we could  then move the rest of the shelter in one piece to its new location. Once there, reverse the process, put the legs back on and voila, all done and it only took an hour.
Next was to re position the trailer. So we went about moving everything out of the way, hook up the truck and do a little jiggy jag, and there we are, everything back in place.
Definitely worth the couple of hours it took to do both tasks.

Before the move

Bottom half of the legs seperated

Moving the legs

Flipping the top half over

All set up in its new location

Original spot

Everything cleared away

All hooked

Backed into new spot
 We really like the change and it gives more area for maneuvering our trailer and anyone else that comes to visit.
So that is some of the things we have been doing around "The Ridge". Thanks for following along, be safe and take care.


  1. Getting things all straightened up then you will soon be hitting the road.

  2. Replies
    1. The garage storage is so much nicer now, without things stacked on top of things. The shelter is perfect where we moved it and we have proven that another unit can easily get up onto The Ridge.

  3. Enjoy reading your pictorials and following your adventure.

    Gary Polley FCF