Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Day Three

Where Are We Today
Grove Oklahoma

Today we traveled from Wentzville Mo. to Grove Ok. Our route took us on I 70 to Olive Creek road to MO. 109 to Mo. 100 West then onto I 44 to the Will Rogers Turnpike to U.S. 59 which brought us to Eagles Landing Resort Camp Ground at Grove Ok.

Olive Creek Road is a narrow winding and very hilly two lane road, the rest are all four lane roads until U.S.59. Missouri is very hilly in places with beautiful scenery and also running alongside the old Route 66.

Again, I must say how pleased I am with the truck performance. With tow haul mode, engine brake and cruise control all set, we climbed and descended all the grades without having to touch the gas or brake.

Olive Creek Road
Another shot of Olive Creek Road

Came upon this roll over early in the morning
A  second one not too long after the first

Filling up at Exit 179 on I 44

Very nice Rest Area, last one in Missouri
We came upon an accident near Miami Ok. moments after it happened. Although we saw it in plenty of time and stopped, others just can't clue into what is going on and came close to hitting us or the transport beside us who also was paying attention and had stopped. It looked like minor injuries so hopefully everyone is ok.
Accident near Miami Ok.

Our spot tonight looks great, but will check out the area tomorrow.
Thanks for following along and until the next time, take care and be safe.

Our camp ground tonight


  1. Glad everything is working good for your. Enjoy the area and hopefully wonderful weather. They have really fixed up that campground recently and is looking wonderful. Lots to see there if you have then time.

  2. Glad to read everything is going well and you are making good time.
    There are always those that feel they can squeeze ahead of the stopped traffic when there are accidents and in doing so almost cause a bigger mess.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.