Monday, October 31, 2016

Gaining Elevation

Where Are We Today
Zuzax New Mexico
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Today we are in Zuzax New Mexico near Tijeras which is just east of Albuquerque. Arriving at 5 pm, yesterday, after driving 426.8 miles we were right beside another Canadian couple, Jill & Mike, from Vernon British Columbia, who were just setting up. After supper we got together to exchange stories.
Back to our day of travel, we left Elk City Oklahoma at 8:30 am, under cloudy skies and cool a temperature of 52 F.  Right off the start we could tell we were climbing to higher elevations, continuing west on I 40, it would be a steady easy climb topping off just over 7000ft, with a few dips here and there, and finishing at 6638ft above sea level.

Navigator and Picture taker

Welcome to Texas

Shortly after getting started we had to make a quick stop for fuel and then carry on down the road. Crossing into Texas just after 9:00am we drove until we came to the first rest stop at 9:55 am for about 15 minutes. Still cloudy and only 51 *F at 3110 ft but beautiful scenery. On our way again across the Texas panhandle passing fields of cotton and cattle, we stopped at Cadillac Ranch to paint our names on and take a few pics of the Cadillac's stuck in the ground. An hour later we pulled into a picnic area to make some lunch, temperature up to 57* F and blue skies returning.

Rest Area in Texas
Sprayed our name on the Cadillac

The whole row of Cadillacs

Welcome to New Mexico
Passing into New Mexico just after 1:00pm and stopping for our second fill of fuel for the day at Russel's Truck Stop, exit 392, lots of trucks coming and going. With the cooler temps and higher thinner air, our fuel mileage is lower than our first few days, not by a lot and did expect it to be, so not a surprise.
At 2:30 pm, we were passing thru 4500 ft. near Tucumari and Montoya NM. with mountain ranges to the north and south and the temperature now up to 75* F. Moving right along we passed thru 7001 ft. at Clines Corner NW. around 3:00pm.
Speed limits along I 40 range from 65 to 75 MPH, I have our cruise control set between 60 and 65 MPH, not in any hurray, just a nice comfortable speed and I do enjoy driving.

Near Tucumcari and Montoya NM.

Near Tucumari & Montoya NM.

At exit 178, Zuzax NW. to state hwy 333, a short hop to our camp ground, " Hidden Valley" at  Tijeras NM. Here for two nights before we head on down that road to our next destination, where ever that may be.
I think we will slow down a bit and take in a few sights if see something we like and stop when we feel like it. So far, each day we have had a destination that we planned on getting to.
Thanks for following along, until the next time, take care and be safe.
Our route from Elk City Ok. to Tijeras NM.


  1. Enjoy the journey so much to see, wherever you go.
    Travel safe.

  2. Thanks for the updates! I stopped for gasoline in the TR6 in Tucumcari decades ago. And on another trip east from CA I drove through a helluva snow snow storm between Flagstaff and Albuquerque (not in the TR6). Have fun you guys.......great things to see out there. Makes me wanna go back! GT