Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Busy Weekend

I hadn't planned on writing a post so soon, but sometimes events make you stop and cherish life a little more, so that's what prompted this one. Last Friday , we were just sitting down after work when Pat received a phone call. Our first thought was a telemarketer, it's usually that time of day when they call. To our surprise and shock it was a nurse at the Wallaceburg Hospital calling. "Your sister, Wendy has been in a serious car accident, but she's okay." Well , let me tell you, those words sure get your attention.   Pat got to speak to Wendy, who was  naturally upset and found out a few details. Wendy, who lives in Owen Sound, had been at a conference for Museums in Windsor. She works for two museums in Owen Sound www.greyroots .com and marineandrail.ca and was on her way home when the accident happened, her car was totaled.  Wendy was on her way to x- ray and we wouldn't know the results for a while. We told her that we were coming to see her whether she had to stay or could go home after the results were determined. So off we went and after 125 km and an hour and a half later, we arrived just in time, as the doctor cleared her to go home.  Sore and bruised, she is one lucky young lady. I had decided to take our truck instead of the car as it would be a more comfortable ride. After getting her strapped in and turning on the heated seat we were off to our place in London for the night.

Below is a picture of Wendy at a better time. 

Saturday morning brought a beautiful sunny day and time to get Wendy home to Owen Sound. Her car had been towed to the towing company's yard in Thamesville, all her belongings were still in the car. So, the decision was made to drive to Thamesville , clean out her car then drive to Hanover to Donna and Gerry's where another family member would meet us and take Wendy the rest of the way home. After fueling up the truck,  we were off by 10:00am to Thamesville and cleaned out the Nia.

Wendy's car

The most damage

Rear window gone also

With that done we headed off to Hanover, arriving just after 2:30 pm. Wendy got to have a break from sitting and a short visit with her sister, Donna and Gerry before her husband arrived from Owen Sound to take her the rest of the way home.Pat and I stayed a little longer and then around 4:00 pm we were on our way home. Definitely a long day, 547 km. but were happy to have been there for Wendy.Sunday brought another great fall day. In the afternoon we were off to Stratford to celebrate my step mom's 80th birthday. We met at Dad and Marilynne's first for some social time with them and my sisters' and their husbands'. Around five pm. we were off to the Arden Park Restaurant at the Best Western Hotel for dinner. Great food and times were had by all.


All of us except Pat the pic taker

Marilynne & Dad

Blowing out the candle

Another great time with family but soon time to head home. So now you see way it was a busy weekend, almost 1000 km. travelled. 
Now , I don't mind the driving, I quite enjoy it. The point about cherishing life a little more is that Wendy had a close call that could have been devastating to say the least. Secondly during that time and distance travelled there were at least 3 times we could have been in accidents because of other drivers. 

More confirmation of cherishing, Sunday afternoon our brother-in-law, Gerry. fell off a ladder and although came through the hospital tests fine, is very sore and bruised. You just never know.

For those of you that know of our plans to full time RV, pulling a 5th wheel trailer, covering great distances, anything can happen. This reminds me that I have to be aware at all times what is going on around us as we travel down the road. It has not altered our plans, we will travel and enjoy life no matter how long or short of a time we will have.

To all of our friends, family , fellow RVers and those who blogs we follow and have not met yet,  safe travels and watch out for the other guy.

Thanks for stopping by and until the next time , take care.


  1. Thank goodness everything turn out where nobody had any serious injuries but it's still scary.
    You are so right about watching out for the other guy even the ones you see coming up in your rear view mirrors especially when you are trying to change lanes while towing. Another thing you might experience are long travel days. When you are trying to beat the weather sometimes you drive longer that you'd really like to.
    We'll keep you and your family in our prayers and are still looking forward to seeing you in the new year.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Thank you Rick and so true. my biggest pet peeveis people that follow to close especially when I'm pulling the trailer.

  3. Glad that she was ok after that accident you just never know.
    We keep a very safe distance while driving and always watch out for the other guy.
    Avoid rush hours and no night driving, we are not in a hurry always at home.
    If the weather is bad, stop and wait for it to get better.

  4. Thanks George. We agree with your style of driving, definitely in no hurry. Stay safe.

  5. Hey, i can leave a comment now! Couldn't when i tried a week or two ago. Anyway, discovered your blog and read about your RV plans. Sounds great. Don't RV ourselves, but enjoy following a few. We're up in the BeVer Valley, not too far from your place near Durham.

  6. Rick from "It's About Time" suggested a couple of setting changes, which I did, so glad it worked. Thanks for following along, our real adventure will start after we retire next year. Will have to try and get together when we are back up in Durham.

    1. Just an update, Wendy and Gerry are both mending well. Still slow moving but eventually getting back to work for a few hours. It is unbelievable what the blink of an eye can do to us no matter how careful we all try to be!

    2. Good to hear they are slowly returning to normal.