Monday, December 14, 2015

Family Christmas Dinner


Today was our last Family Christmas in this house. Out of a possible 22, only 4 were missing. As we are a blended family, we hold our get together early in hopes it doesn't convict with other family times or events. 
Pat and I were up early to get the 19 lb. turkey in the oven so we could have it cooked and carved before everyone arrived. We then busied ourselves with some house cleaning, setting up tables and getting all the plates , cutlery, glasses and food preparation in order. A quick run to get a couple of last minute items and all seemed in order by noon. We still had time to shower, dress and catch a snooze before our guests arrived around three.

Retirement Countdown
Turkey all done

Tables in dining room

Table in the rec room

TV fireplace

Braeden's 14th birthday
 Today is my oldest grandsons birthday, 14 years old, he is the son of my oldest daughters who has 4 boys. 
The family

As I mentioned, this is the last Christmas in the house. We were blessed to have 18 out of the 22 possible with us for the occasion. My parents , 4 daughters, Pats daughter and son and 6 of our grand kids. While the youngest played and had fun downstairs, the older ones engaged in conversation of all sorts. When supper was ready, all filled their plates enjoyed a great meal prepared by many hands. Before you knew it, nine pm arrived and time for home as most were from out of town and more then hour long drive. My parents were staying for the night instead of driving back to Stratford, we were happy to have them.
This brings to the end of another day, another celebration and a time of family in this house. Definitely not a sad time as we look forward to our retirement lifestyle and new family gatherings.

Thanks for stopping by and until the next time, take care.


  1. Needless to say, we were able to do Nothing (with a capital N) on Sunday after an early morning cleanup. :)

  2. Glad you had a great last time family get-together that will hold special memories in the future.
    We remember the last time in each of our homes and looking forward to saying goodbye to the apartment.
    Also looking forward to our get-together in the New Year.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Thanks Rick & Kathy, and we are looking forward to meeting in the New Year also.

  3. So nice to have the memories and great that most everyone was there.
    Now we have Christmas dinner somewhere always with friends, sometimes with friends we have not even met yet.

    1. Yes indeed. We are excited about having a RV style Christmas, like you said," sometimes with friends and sometimes with friends we have not met yet " for sure.

  4. These are memories that will last forever!