Friday, August 1, 2014

                                                      WHAT ARE WE UP TO TODAY?

The August Long Weekend ( Civic Holiday ) Pat's sister and brother-in-law invite family and friends up to their property near Durham for the weekend. There are a couple of cabins that can be used or bring your tent, trailer, motor home or van to sleep in.  As with anytime that we come here, it is a very laid back relaxing time. You can read, do cross words, swim, float around in the rubber rafts, play horseshoes, go for a walk or bike ride, just about anything you want.

As I was on Holidays this past week, we decided that I would take Pat to work Thursday morning and pick her up at 4:30 and head right on up to the acreage, (she has Fridays off in the summer). On our way we had a call from Donna and Gerry asking what our ETA was. We said around 7pm and we wanted to stop in Durham at the Riverside Fish & Chips for supper. They said that they would meet us there and join us. Great place and very reasonable prices. After that we headed out to the acreage got the truck unloaded as we left the 5th wheel here last weekend. Spent some time chatting until ten pm. then headed in for the night. Great start to the weekend, now we can sit back and see who all can make it for this get together.

Thanks for stopping by, till the next time, take care.

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