Saturday, December 24, 2022

Christmas Post

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Here we are only a couple of days from December 25th, Christmas Day. A time of year where community streets and houses are a glow with lights of many colours. Inside of homes, even ours, have been decorated as well with lights, decorations and Christmas trees. Many have been decorated since the end of November, Pat likes to do ours as close to December 1st as possible, and does a great job of making our home on wheels as festive as possible.

Christmas 2014 in our house
Part of me can and is a bit of a oh humbug / scrooge, yet I am a bleeding heart / die hard for Hallmark Christmas movies. Why, I don’t know, maybe it’s that ideal nearly perfect story outcome that gets me, when there is so much that isn’t right in the world. By the time Christmas Day gets here, the decorations seem like they have been up forever, I couldn’t live in a place that was decorated all year long.

Christmas 2014
As a young boy, growing up in Stratford Ontario, I remember snow covered streets and light posts decorated with the lighted bells. The city hall with it’s coloured lights and tall Christmas tree brilliantly lit. We didn’t have the decorations and tree up as early, but we had a real tree, that we would get from the tree lot. Dad would set it up and put the lights on it, then mom, my sisters and I would hang the decorations on it.

Again 2014, we have lost my dad since then but have grown and still growing in family members.
On Christmas eve we would drive around to friends and family delivering gifts. Christmas morning, we would have to all be up, washed, dressed, breakfast and dishes done before we could go to where ever in the house the tree was set up and dad was ready. He would sit at the base of the tree and systematically hand out our gifts.

Over the centuries and even the decades since I was born, the celebrating of Christmas has changed so much. The commercialization of giving that perfect gift for your loved ones, from cell phones, cars and jewelry to name a few, is out of control by big business make that almighty dollar. That’s the way of the world now and perhaps a necessity in the big picture. But it doesn’t and shouldn’t stop us from remembering the true meaning of Christmas, why we give gifts.

At this time of year around the world, Christians celebrate the birth of Christ, Gods gift to man kind and Hanukkah, when Jews remember when they reclaimed their temple after Syrians forced them to worship false gods. I consider myself a Christian, a child of God, celebrating that gift of so many centuries ago.

Some years back, the powers to be, decided that it wasn’t politically correct to say Merry Christmas, we might offend someone, we were supposed to say Happy Holidays, in our stores, restaurants, schools and out in public. Call me a rebel, I refuse to wish someone Happy Holidays, unless that they are really going on a holiday.

I started this post about three days ago, it is now Christmas Eve as I sit here in Arizona enjoying sunny blue skies and a warm 74F day. I have talked to some family and friends back home this afternoon where they are experiencing a strong winter storm. Thankfully they are all safe and warm.

Christmas today 2022
So, as I bring this to a close, to all our families, friends, my flying club friends, RV friends Facebook friends, blog followers and acquaintances, the VERY MERRY OF CHRISTMASES, HAPPY HANUKKUH and ALL THE BEST IN THE NEW YEAR.
Also a Very Happy Birthday to my daughter Krystal.

Until the next time, be safe, warm and take care. Thanks for stopping by.

This evergreen stands alone in the front field at "The Ridge"
Merry Christmas




  1. A very Merry Christmas to you and Patsy! Love your tree! Perfect sentiments for these days. Have a blessed day.

  2. Your beautiful posts put mine to shame. It's lovely, dear. Couldn't say it any better. ❤️

  3. I too am a rebel, Merry Christmas! Becky

  4. Beautiful post, Bill. Wishing you, Patsy and Gibbs a Merry Christmas!

  5. Thank you Doug, Merry Christmas to you, Dolly and Yuma.

  6. May you flying battery always have a full charge!! That's merry Christmas not to offend anybody, heaven forbid.