Wednesday, March 11, 2020

On The Lighter Side

Where Are We Today
Bullhead Az.

Silver View RV Resort
In my last couple of posts I have listed and ranted about issues we have had this winter with the "Suite", all which can and will be fixed. So on the lighter side, this post is about some fun times.
Back on Feb. 11th, 2020, Keith, Ken and I headed to San Diego to tour the USS Midway Museum, which is an aircraft carrier. We spent over 5 hours exploring the ship, from the Hangar deck down to the engine room and up to the "Bridge and Flight" decks listening to a guided audio tour and talks given by volunteers. This was one of the best military museums I have been to and well worth the $26 admission. I will not bore you with the more than 200 photos that I took , but leave you with a few. For more info check out the link USS Midway.
Looking up to the Flight Deck from shore

The Brig

Corsair on the flight deck

Hangar Deck
Besides flying my R/C airplane in the desert, I have also visited/joined a couple of the clubs where we have been staying. The first one is the" Yuma Aeromodelers" who fly at their field on the north side of Yuma, Arizona. I didn't take any pics here, but you can check out their website Yuma Aeromodelers.

Address and entrance to the field

Field Sign
The second club is the "Quartzsite Desert Flyers" located in Quartzsite Arizona. The City of Quartzsite supplies the land and put in a paved runway for them. The club put up the fencing, pilot tables and covered area. The field is named after one of their members, Jim Colwell, who resides in Quartzsite for the winter months.

Looking East

Looking West

 At his property, Jim has a large building where the club holds their meetings, has a repair shop with all the tools and supplies for members to use, asking that you leave a donation to help keep it going and Jim has hundreds of planes housed there. Jim buys planes from estates and modellers getting out of the hobby and then resells them. This club has a very friendly bunch of flyers, not only from the U.S. but also Canada. For more info on this club, you can check out their web site Quartzsite Desert Flyers.
Inside Club House


Rows of Wings

More Fuselages

Currently we are here in Bullhead City until this Saturday, Mar. 14th, when we start our trek home. Looking back over the last 4 1/2 months, despite our issues with the trailer, this has been a great winter with the best weather of our 4 years  down here, seeing new things, places and meeting old and new friends. We have our health, and touching my wooden noggin', we have not been sick, had a cold or broken any bones.

Knowing that we have started that slow north eastward trek, we are saddened to leave the southwest that we love, but looking forward and somewhat anxious, to getting home to family and friends.
So here is to the snow being gone by the time we get there and we are able to get up to " The Ridge" in early April. Thanks for following along, comment if you like and until the next time, take care and be safe.



  1. Would have loved to been on that Midway Museum tour with you guys. That stuff really interests me and I've done a lot of reading about those war years. I'd like to go to San Diego to see other military things there as well but would prefer to go with someone who knows there way around that area. I remember taking a few photos of the guys flying their model planes at that site in Quartzsite years ago. I seem to recall it was right next to Celia's Rainbow Garden. The 14 day weather predictions for this whole area look great so you folks should be alright coming home unless you run into a few storms along the way. Safe travels Bill.

    1. The Midway tour was very interesting and I have the chance, I would do it again. This was my first time to San Diego and confess I didn't do the driving this day. Would love to go back at it is a very beautiful city with lots to see.
      Yes, your memory is correct, the flying field in Quartzsite is right next to Celia's Rainbow Garden.
      It is great to hear and see by your pictures that the snow is almost gone, looking forward to getting back to "The Ridge".

  2. I absolutely LOVED the Midway tour. I don't know about now but we had free rein of the entire ship ... wherever we wanted to go. I even got to fly a plane in the simulator. Great fun!!

    1. Yes a great tour, didn't do the simulator, maybe next time.

  3. Yep we loved the Midway tour too! Way too much to see in a short period of time! It definitely sounds like you had a great winter..we look forward to seeing and spending more time with you guys next winter! Travel safely. Hugs to you and your lovely bride!

    1. Yes , I agree too much to see in a short time. Great winter for sure with all our great friends and always look forward to see you next winter. Safe travels and hugs back to you both.

  4. After reading your blog and Ken's plus Shirley's about the Midway tour, it is definitely on our list of things to see.
    Safe travels as you start the trek north and east.

    1. Yes, definitely put on your list of things to see. Continued safe travels to you.