Monday, November 19, 2018

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Today We Are At
Ridgeview RV Park
Bullhead City Arizona
I can't keep calling my posts of late as "Catch Up" , so before I finish this one, a new title has to come to mind.

Pat &Rob taking in the view
 After Tijeras, New Mexico, we were onto Page Springs RV Park near Page Springs Arizona. Here we spent four nights down in a valley with no cell or internet service, no worries. Each day as we went on our daily excursions, we could get  service and catch up to the world, while at least with family back home. There were two places that were on the to do list, Sedona and Jerome. We went to Sedona to catch some views, finding a parking spot up Airport Road, we snapped pictures and walked down the trail to another hill where we could take some beautiful shots.
Beautiful Red Rock of Sedona

Hiking down the trail
 The second excursion was to the town of Jerome, a onetime ghost town, 1800 feet up the mountain from Cottonwood , on Hwy 89A, a two lane narrow road. Well worth the drive to take in this scenic and historical town.

Scenic view from Jerome

The four buddies in Jerome

I liked the name of this Inn, in Jerome

We made one more trip to Sedona to take some sunset pictures and then out to eat at Carls Jr, one of our favorites.

Sunset at the Sedona Airport
 We moved on with our next destination being Alamo Lake State Park. We have been here before, but always like coming back to this beautiful park, with the scenic view of the lake, dam and of course the burros.

Almost gone
To get there, we took Hwy 89A to Cottonwood, them Hwy 260 to I-17 to Hwy 169 to Hwy 60 into Prescott Az. From here we took Hwy 89 to 71 and then 60 to Alamo Lake Rd.

Just leaving Prescott

Clemson taking in the views
 The interesting part of this journey, was the trek on Hwy 89. We didn't know what this road would be like, straight, two or four lane, up and down or winding back and forth. I can now tell you that it wasn't straight or four lane, but what a drive. I was in my glory driving this road of twenty to thirty-five mph  twists, turns, ups and downs with top speeds of forty- five mph.

Hairpin turns

Twist and turns
There is another aspect to this drive that is just as important, that is, this is where we started to see the Arizona that we have come to love. You have to be able to see the magnificent beauty and ruggedness of the desert, it's vegetation  and colour. It was on this stretch of the journey that we saw our first "King of the Desert", the mighty saguaro cactus, stag horns, teddy bear, prickly pear and beaver tail to name a few. Then there is the colour, the mountains share their hues of brown, Terra cotta and beige to sand colours. The desert floor of black and grey rock and dirt with a vegetation of greens and browns. I don't know how to describe it any different and the pictures just don't relay what we see.

King of the Desert, the Mighty Saguaro
I hope that you get the chance to come to Arizona and see and fall in love with this beautiful state. A special shout out to " The Bayfield Bunch", Al, Kelly and Phebes, who used to have a home in this area and love it as much as we do, this is where we first met them.
I think this is a good place to end this post, to be sure there is more to come. So until the next time, take care and stay safe.


  1. You have been enjoying some wonderful sights and amazing scenery, nothing quite like Arizona a place we truly love as well. Can never get enough if it.

    1. Yes we sure have, we have never been disappointed. I know how you love it also.

  2. Wonderful description of a place we love, also. Always love spotting that first Saguaro as we travel west. Continued safe travels.

    1. Thank you, Once you spot the Saguaro, you know you have arrived.

  3. Love the description. Very spot on!!! Thanks for sharing the photos!


    1. Thank you and your welcome. Safe travels, and looking forward to meeting you down the road.

  4. That Mile High Cafe has the best bread pudding in the entire U.S. Such a cool place to visit, even if you don't have much cell service.

  5. Love the pi of the 4 of you! Looks like a wonderful time you are having. Never been to Jerome, but hope to get it on my list! Love the saguaro.! They're all so different :)

    1. Thanks, we are having a wonderful time. Jerome is certainly worth the visit. The Saguaros never fail us with their beauty.

  6. Glad you are back on track and able to share your favourite spots with your friends. I loved HWY 89 as well but lots of people just stared at us.
    Maybe call your Catch-up something like "Memories".
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. I remember now, reading your post about taking Hwy 89 and the reaction of people. I enjoyed travelling it and had no problem negotiating the twist and turns while pulling the trailer.

  7. Thank you for taking us along on your trip. You and Rob are pretty smart to fix things your self. Sam in the Ozarks

    1. Your welcome Sam. Rob and I are mechanically incline and work well together, discussing different approaches to fix things. Thanks for following along.