Friday, November 9, 2018

Laptop Fixed

Where Are We Today 
Hidden Valley RV Park
Tijeras New Mexico

Before we left Rock Glen RV Park and crossed the border into the U.S., my laptop decided to quit working. The problem was the WiFi card acting up. To fix the problem, either install a new WiFi card or a dongle that plugs into a USB port, I went with the dongle.

USB Dongle WiFi Stick
 For days I have not been able to write anything on my blog, so here is a brief catch up. Our first day took us to Wapakoneta, Ohio to Arrow Lakes RV Park. Of course, I-75 in Michigan is as rough as can be, but crossing the state line into Ohio was like going from night to day.
Entrance to Corvette Museum

Our second day took us to Bowling Green, Kentucky, where we made a quick stop at a Camping World, before finding a Wal-Mart to stay at for the night. The next morning we visited the Corvette Museum before heading down the road to Nashville, Tennessee, where we stayed in the Nissan Stadium parking lot for one night, before we were told that we couldn't stay there any longer.

Love this colour, vehicle set for delivery to it's new owner

 We had hope to do some sightseeing here, but having to move on, we will find a park on the way home and do it then.
Moving on down the road, our next stop was the Graceland RV Park. Taking in a tour of Sun Studios, a dinner out on Beale Street and of course Graceland and Elvis's mansion.

Elvis's Mansion
The last time I was here, was the week before Elvis died, spent the entire night sitting just inside the gates with about 30 other fans with the hopes of seeing him. We didn't.

Graceland across the street

Front of Elvis's mansion
This was a great experience and time, would do it again.
Our next night was spent at the Cherokee Casino in Roland Ok., with free full hook ups. Then on to the Lucky Star Casino for two nights, again with free full hook ups. Of course, they hope you come in and play or at least eat in the restaurant.

Elvis's Grave Site
Carrying on to Amarillo Tx, where we stayed at the Amarillo Travel and Info Welcome center, at 9700 I-40, take exit 76, for the night. There is parking for RV's and a separate area for transports.
Finally to wrap up this post, we are at Hidden Valley RV Park at Tijeras NM. Here for three nights, taking a breather, getting my laptop fixed and a little sightseeing before we move on.
We have travelled on decent roadways with a bit of a rough spot on Hwy 71, but all in all, good roads.
Thanks for following along, comments are always welcome and until the next time, take care and be safe.


  1. You are making good time and enjoying the journey, nice to get you laptop working again.

    1. Yes, so nice to have the laptop working again. Making good time and enjoying the journey with some relaxing time also.

  2. Glad the laptop is working again. You folks seems to be moving right along but enjoying the trip as well. I think we'll stop at the Corvette museum on the way home this year. Continued safe travels.


    1. Thanks guys, being without my laptop was the pits. I to am glad it is working again.

  3. Moving right along sounds like a perfect trip so far. They work on some part of I-75 constantly, we know this because we travel it a lot between the UP and our son's, but I do not think it will ever all be a smooth ride in
    Continued safe travels!

    1. Thanks, we are enjoying our time. Some day they may get I-75 complete.

  4. Never heard of a "dongle" but as long as it works ...awesome! I know you all are having a wonderful seeing your new adventure!

    1. Yes the dongle works well and a wonderful time we are having.More new adventures to come.