Monday, September 4, 2017

Labour Day, One of the Snappers and Somebody Working

Where Are We Today
"The Ridge"
Sept. 04/17
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Labour Day, One of the Snappers and Somebody Working

Today is Labour Day, and part of the last long weekend of the summer. When you were still employed, it was a weekend that you looked forward to, the last hurrah before the cooler fall weather and kids returning to school.
Up here on "THE Ridge" it was just another day for us "retired " folks. For me, it was a lazy day, washed dishes, some reading, picture taking and short walk down the lane. Which was just fine by me. Pat on the other hand, did some labour. I am sure she will tell you it wasn't really labour, but, something she liked to do, and that was working in one of her gardens.
So, I really don't have much to say for a change, but I will borrow one of Pat's phrases, and say "Picture Overload for the rest of the blog."

one of the snappers

Hey! You lookin' at me

Ok, I'm movin'

Goin'  as fast as I can

Up on all fours

Told you someone was working

expanding a garden

Flag is just a flappin'

Car shelter is rockin'

And the trees just a blowin'

Thanks for stopping by, look forward to any comments and until the next time, take care and safe travels.


  1. Nice to hear from you again, and so nice to not be in that work mode again, enjoy this retirement jig, it sure is wonderful.

  2. Nice pictures of Patsy, your place and the snapper. (Enjoyed the picture overload.)

    1. Thanks guys, I do once in awhile take pics of Pat, this tie she didn't even know it.

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    1. Thanks for following along. We have at least 4 Snapping Turtles and many painted turtles here in the pond.

  4. I grew up with those turtles all around the farm. They can be nasty when they have a mind too:)

  5. Yes that's what I remember from my youth also. These have not shown any of that, even when I was laying flat on the ground , two feet away from him to take the picture.