Monday, July 3, 2017


Where Are We Today
"The Ridge"
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As Chillin with Patsy  has mentioned in her posts, I have had some projects on the go here at
 " The Ridge". The first one didn't work out quite right, so won't go into details, other than to say that the engineering is right but need heavier material.
The second one had to do with our grey water dumping. We dump the grey water over the hill thru a 1/2 inch water hose. This is a slow process and any grease builds up where the hose attaches to the drain pipe of the trailer. I purchased an RV to ABS pipe  adapter at CanAm, then the necessary ABS 1 1/2 inch pipe and fittings to replace the 1/2 inch hose. Put it all together to make an efficient out of the way run to the hill, after a quick test, I am happy with the  results. In the fall when we head south, it is just a quick disconnect, (like taking off the sewer hose) lay the pipe on the ground for the winter and it will be there in the spring for quick hook up.
Coming out of the trailer with the adapter

Pipe run to the hill
The third isn't so much a project but more like maintenance. The rubber roof of the trailer needed to be cleaned and treated, so set about doing the task. First I had to go and fill the water bladder, then hook a hose from the bladder to the  pump and then from the pump to the pressure washer. Sounds complicated doesn't it, but not really.
 Next, get out my collapsing extension ladder that I bought last winter in Quartzsite AZ., transfer some " BEST" Cleaner and Protectant to a spray bottle and get out a mop and sponge. There, I think I'm ready, now to get on the roof and get at it.

Cleaner into a spray bottle
 It's not really a hard task, get the roof wet clearing any loose dirt then apply the "BEST" Cleaner/Protectant, rinse and you have a clean roof, a section at a time. I also cleaned the top of the slides at the same time.
Being a mostly cloudy day and a slight breeze blowing, made it the perfect day for doing this. I was almost done when a big dark cloud let go with rain, it was a scramble to get off the roof and take shelter until it passed. Within a few minutes I was back at and soon finished.

Getting started

Dirty roof

Had to tilt the panels to clean underneath

Clean from front to back

Clean from back to front

Slide tops clean also

 Back down on the ground, I had to set about cleaning off the sides of the trailer as it was all streaked from the run off. With that done, cleaned up and called it quits for the day.

Pat relaxing
First thing the next day, I was back up on the roof cleaning the solar panels. Then clean and wax the air conditioner tops along with the vent covers.
Happy to have that task done, as the weather and my time hasn't always agreed.
One last maintenance task to report on, the controller on our portable solar panel quit working. It is still under warranty, so CanAm RV, where we bought from, got us a replacement. It didn't long to make the switch and the panel is back up and running.

Old controller not working

120 watt portable panels

New controller, 3.6 amps 
New controller saying batteries at 90 % charge

There you have it, those projects that Pat has been talking about. I am going to close for now, but already have my next post brewing in my head. Stay tune, hopefully it will be along soon. Thanks for following along, until the next time, take care and be safe. Love to hear from you, so drop a comment if you wish.


  1. Always something we can do to take care of our homes. Nice to hear from you again, now soon enjoy some more great summer weather.

  2. Taking care of them makes them last longer, right. Yes will definitely enjoy some more great summer weather.

  3. Glad that you set things straight. When Pat announced the Transmitter on the Solar Panels wasn't working I didn't know what she mean. Now I remember you showing me the Controller on your portable unit.
    It always seems there are more things to do then time to do it.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. Yes especially this year, when I have the time the weather is not good and when the weather is good, I don't have the time.