Sunday, June 4, 2017

Bet You Thought I Fell Off The Face Of The Earth

Where Are We Today
"The Ridge", Priceville,Ont
 (click on pic to enlarge)

Well, no I didn't, and if you follow Chillin' With Patsy, you would know that I'm still around and kickin'. Being it has been awhile since I wrote anything, I thought that today I had better put something to "blog" and tell you about my day.
I have had a few projects that I have wanted to do for awhile and always something else got in the way, so today I got at some of them.
The first was to install the screen door grill that we had bought last winter at Camping World, when we were south. I tried to install it at that time and found that there was not enough material of the screen door showing to do it, at least, not to my liking so, I decided to wait until we got home. I purchased a aluminum strip from the local automotive store and cut four pieces 1 1/4 inch long X 3/4" X 3/32" and drilled two hole in each. One hole to fasten the piece to the grill and the other to fasten to the screen door.

Screen door grill atttached

Pieces of aluminum fastened to grill and door

The second was to put up a piece of eves trough along one side of the "Bunkie" to catch the rain water for our barrel. Now the piece was found by my brother and sister - in law, at the time they were guessing it was long enough, it is a little short, but will do the job. First I had to cut the hole for the down spout, fasten attachment ring, then fasten the trough to the eves. Next, cut the down spout to the right length and fasten it to the ring. There, that's another one done.

eves trough up ready for the next rain fall

The third was to take apart an old wash stand. When my in-laws bought this property, there was a stainless steel sink fastened to a metal frame with a hand pump attached to it. I never liked the look of the thing and always had it in my mind to take it apart and build something more appealing. Also the hand pump is broken  beyond repair and we have purchased another one to replace it. The sink was tack welded to the metal stand, so not having a grinder, I got out my cold chisel and hammer and went at breaking all those tacks around the sink. With that done, I will now create a new stand to hold the sink and new pump. That's a project for another day, will write about it when I do.

Approximately 30 tacks that had to be broken 

The stand and old pump
The fourth just kind of presented itself to me today. We had another contraption found here on the property, that was some kind of three wheel cart. We used it to move our paddle boat around at one time but when took the paddle boat over to Donna and Gerry's pond, the cart was no longer needed. We have two kayaks, so I thought this might be perfect for taking them down to our pond. After pumping up the tires, I lifted the kayaks onto the cart, fastened a couple of straps to hold them, tied a piece of rope to the front for puling and voila, there you have it. 

Side view

From the front
I'm wore out, time for a snooze, tomorrows another day, so will see what happens. Thanks for following along,  comments are always welcome. Until the next time, take care and be safe.



  1. Nice to hear from you again and glad you having fun keeping busy doing Stuff. All looks good and very useful.

    1. Thanks George, I like tinkering and figuring different ways of doing something.

  2. Bill,
    The way I've got it figured, you're handier than a one-armed paper hanger. Quite the engineer!
    Hi Pat,

    Jim & Sharon

  3. I guess we were the ones keeping you from 'your' projects this last while. Thanks Bill, for helping us with 'ours'!

  4. Since, I do read Patsy's blog I knew you were still around and taking care of things around your wonderful place. Nice hearing from you just the same.

  5. Your kayak cart looks like it should do the job. You guys better get those boats in the water soon before the weeds get too high.

    1. Thanks Bob, yes we should get them in the water more often. We have managed once this year to do so.

  6. Hi Bill, yes I do read patsy's blog (and yours when you post!), so I feel I know all about you and your place. I'm not too far away over east of Markdale. Anyway, suddenly Patsy's blog requires that I need to create a Google+ profile in order to leave comments. It's the only blog I know of that works that way. But I don't want a Google+ profile, so I can't comment. Can you give Patsy my apologies, 'cause I do enjoy reading it.